Kandi Burruss Had An Excellent Convo With Jarrett Hill - See The Video Here

Kandi Burruss Had An Excellent Convo With Jarrett Hill - See The Video Here
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Kandi Burruss shared a video on a great convo that she had with Jarrett Hill. You can check it out below to see the topics that these two touched.

'I just had an excellent convo with @jarretthill!' Kandi captioned her video and told her fans, 'We discussed so many topics. It’s a must-watch!'

A commenter wrote: 'Thank you now I can look up the people here in Arizona and get a background check on them like a boss.'

Someone else said: 'Kandi - thank you for being an important voice right now. This was an informative conversation. About voting, about kids experience right now and about white friends. I found this very helpful. And Bravo on calling out Melanie’s plagiarized speech!!!!'

A follower said: 'People who receive honorary "doctoral" degrees from various colleges and universities (especially those "no-name" so-called colleges), should never refer to themselves as "Dr.," it is inappropriate, unethical and against protocol to do so, The Doctoral designation is strictly for those who complete the 5-10 years of intense study that will earn them the Doctoral degree.'

One follower said: 'Before I clicked on the thumbnail, I thought you were talking with Lena Waithe 😫. I’m excited to see u on The Chi & am 🤞 for more collaborations with her in the future.'

Another Instagrammer had the following message: 'Not, from the US. Been involved, because of my education(parents) In many anti-racism rallies. Due to my age, anti-apartheid rallies. I worked 20yrs ago in areas of DC, that were mainly black communities. The children I worked with had never heard of the civil rights movement. Never heard of apartheid. That is a major issue; we need to educate our children.'

The same follower continued and said: 'We need them to learn and understand. We all need to teach them. The white community needs to take a step back and educate, their children. Respect and educate themselves. John Boyega, ridiculous that he thought, by standing up. He put his career on the line. I can never feel that, but I so massively respect it.'

Just the other day, Kandi shared a short clip explaining systemic racism on social media.

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