Kandi Burruss Explains Systemic Racism - Check Out The Video

Kandi Burruss Explains Systemic Racism - Check Out The Video
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Kandi Burruss decided to explain systemic racism to her fans and IG followers. Check out the video that she reported on her social media account below.

'I had to repost this video about Systemic Racism. Please watch & tell me your thoughts. We have to come up with some ideas on how we fix the problem. I loved what they said about increasing public school funding & making it independent of property taxes. Please watch & comment below on your ideas of how to change systemic racism. Thanks @itstanyatime for reposting @juveeproductions. & thanks @actdottv for the 🎥' Kandi captioned the post and video initially shared by Tanya Sam.

A commenter wrote this: '@kandi thank you for responding so brilliantly to a great question by @amandakins24 and that is why brown family it’s important to invest your money in people who invest in your community - it is important for us to elect officials that are honest and have integrity -who support your initiative for justice and equality. If the politicians that you have elected have proven themselves to be incompetent than elect one that is competent .-if they are not using their political position in your favor than start voting for the ones that will bring you the results you ask.'

The same commenter continued and said: 'vote for honest candidates that will get the job done, your vote, your money, your influence is your power-Give your support and provide funding only to those that are qualified and capable to bring justice, equality to your cause-those that will consistently help your community grow financially, educationally, and politically.'

Someone else said: 'I would also ask, do we not clean up messes we didn't create because it's for the betterment of people? The easiest thing to do is vote in every election, especially locally! If you want to help your local schools, email any school's principal and school district and they'll tell you what they need!'

Another follower said: 'I think first in the black community we have to bring back integrity and love for our community. Until the government distributes funds equally for schools and bank loans we have to keep violence out of communities. Black people that are fortunate to get higher-paying jobs to leave for better and safe opportunities for their families. So, that money is leaving the black communities. We have to make better decisions and plan so that we reverse or conquer systemic racism ourselves. Like you said the government isn't in a rush to help. Thank you for your open dialog.'

What do you think about the issue?

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