Tisha Campbell-Martin Drags Will Smith Into Her Nasty Divorce

Tisha Campbell-Martin Drags Will Smith Into Her Nasty Divorce
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Former Martin and My Wife & Kids star Tisha Campbell-Martin is in the middle of a nasty divorce from her husband of 23 years, Duane Martin, and the actress is dragging their good friend Will Smith into their multi-million dollar legal battle. Not only is the couple divorcing, but they are also going through bankruptcy, and she believes that her estranged ex is trying to cheat her out of money he owes her.

According to The Blast, during the bankruptcy proceedings Duane attempted to hide a $2.4 million mansion he owned under a company named Roxe LLC. At one point, Will Smith had loaned Duane $1.5 million to save the property after he defaulted on his bank loan and then negotiated a short sale through his company.

At that point, Roxe LLC became the owner of the home, and Tisha and Duane paid their own company $5,000 a month in rent.

When the court discovered Duane’s fraud, the bankruptcy trustee said the lease was a sham, and Duane and Tisha didn’t make all of the payments. Eventually, they reached a deal where Duane would sell the 5-bedroom, 6-bathroom mansion located in Chatsworth, California, to a buyer who offered $2.45 million and Duane would pay back the $1.5 million he owed Smith.

The rest of the money in the sale would cover back rent ($122K), go to the bankruptcy estate to pay off creditors ($485K), and to a company named Roxe LLC ($170,560). When Tisha found out about Duane’s settlement, she filed documents with the court to stop it because she believes it interferes with money that he owes her.

Tisha believes this settlement is a “dishonest debtor’s dream. Duane Martin defrauded the estate and it’s creditors in a complex scheme to hide his multi-million-dollar family home, and now stands to walk away not only with his discharge intact, but with a share of the proceeds from the Trustee’s proposed sale of the home.”

In court documents Tisha pointed out that her ex has a “penchant for fraud,” and she questions why he is trying to push forward the sale so quickly. She also claims that the buyer of the home in the settlement is former Basketball Wives star Angel Brinks. And, even though Brinks signed a document stating that she had no prior or present connections or dealings with Duane or Will, Tisha says that’s not true.

Brinks is in a relationship with Jackie Long, who used to star with Duane on the Real Husbands of Hollywood, and who is also a close friend of Will Smith.

“While there may be a plausible coincidental explanation for what appears to be, at a minimum, a “connection” between Ms. Brinks and the players in the subject litigation, such explanations seem less plausible against the backdrop of the documented fraud by Duane Martin, and his prior use of close friends and family members (Michael Martin, Will Smith, Derek Folk) to conceal his continued interest in the Property,” reads the court documents.


Bottom Line: Tisha Campbell-Martin wants to stop the sale of the home. The judge has yet to rule in the case.


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