Cynthia Bailey And NeNe Leakes Are Confident They Can Make Peace After Beefing For Months!

Cynthia Bailey And NeNe Leakes Are Confident They Can Make Peace After Beefing For Months!
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As fans of Real Housewives of Atlanta know already, Cynthia Bailey and NeNe Leakes haven’t been on good terms since last season’s reunion episode. However, it sounds like they are not against burying the hatchet.

The two Housewives are open to making peace and becoming pals with a ‘different dynamic.’

In other words, they are reportedly trying to find a way to be close again but make some changes in their relationship at the same time.

‘Cynthia is optimistic for a friendship with NeNe, but it will be a different dynamic than what it was before. It is hard to see they will ever have a kind of friendship like they used to once again. NeNe is optimistic as well, but sees there are lots of challenges. She is not sure if she can trust Cynthia again, and once you break her trust, it is hard to move forward with her,’ one source tells HollywoodLife.

They went on to add that ‘Both Cynthia and NeNe feel they're trying to get to a better place, but they are having trouble seeing the other’s point of view. Having said that, things are getting better. They are taking some steps to get there and are putting in the effort.’

This comes after NeNe and Cynthia were caught on camera having a heated argument while at a restaurant, filming for RHOA.

That being said, the chances of reconciliation have faded a bit, especially since it looked like their intention was to make peace when they met but things still got explosive in the end.

The source insisted that they both wanted to meet and have a talk and at this point in time, they are still trying to understand the one another’s point of view.

Do you think they will be friends again or will all their attempts to end the feud continue failing?


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