Demi Moore Poses Nude For Harper's Bazaar Cover At The Age of 56 And She Looks Incredible

Demi Moore Poses Nude For Harper's Bazaar Cover At The Age of 56 And She Looks Incredible
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Nearly three decades after she posed nude for the cover of Vanity Fair when she was seven months pregnant with her daughter Scout Willis, Demi Moore is baring it all once again for the cover of Harper Bazaar’s new issue. Moore is promoting her upcoming memoir Inside Out , where the 56-year-old actress opens up about becoming famous in the 1980s, her high-profile marriages to Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher, and her struggles with substance abuse.

Girls creator Lena Dunham wrote the new article profiling Moore, and the former Brat Packer says she is thankful that people only remember her Vanity Fair cover and not the article inside that focused on her marriage to Willis.

Moore told Dunham that during the height of her fame in the early 1990s, the media’s projection of who they thought she was pushed her out of her comfort zone and it was out of her control.

"[They were] trying to get me to let go and really be who I am. And I don’t think that I knew how to do that,” explained Moore.

In her new book, the star of A Few Good Men tells the story of saving her mom Virginia King from a drug overdose when she was a kid. She says she had to dig the pills out of her mom’s mouth while her father held it open and told her what to do.

"Something very deep inside me shifted then, and it never shifted. My childhood was over,” wrote Moore.

The actress ended up having her own problems with addiction, as she has struggled with cocaine, alcohol, and Vicodin abuse.

She also opens up about her marriage to Kutcher, which she called a “do-over” that allowed her to go back in time and experience what it was like to be young with him in a way she couldn’t do when she was in her 20s.

Moore also reveals that she had a miscarriage before they split. And, after a period of sobriety, their breakup triggered the alcohol and Vicodin abuse. She also had a seizure in 2012 after inhaling nitrous oxide. Moore says that she was “clearly unraveling” during that part of her life, and she ended up going to rehab.

Demi Moore has since been able to stay sober, and she has a good relationship with her three daughters: Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah.

The release date for both Inside Out and the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar is September 24th.


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