Tiny Harris Posts Throwback Baby Pic But All Fans Can See Is Her Daughter Heiress! 

Tiny Harris Posts Throwback Baby Pic But All Fans Can See Is Her Daughter Heiress! 
Credit: Source: pinterest.com

Tiny Harris posted a super cute throwback pic of herself taken when she was just a baby and fans cannot believe just how much she and her youngest child, daughter Heiress look alike! The snap was shared on Tiny’s Instagram account as part of a ‘baby challenge’ and her followers couldn't help but gush over her but also compare her old pic with 3 year old Heiress, stressing that they look like actual twins!

It’s clear that Tiny Harris was a super adorable baby and now fans know where her daughter is getting her own cuteness from!

Obviously, she was a lot younger but the main features were definitely the same!

In the caption, she wrote: ‘It’s only right I post Young Tameka on the main page!! 👑🤩 #BabyChallenge.’

The throwback photo shows baby Tiny sitting down while holding a party favor.

Soon after posting it, a lot of Tiny’s followers proceeded to tell her just how much she and her daughter with husband T.I., Heiress, resemble each other.

Here are a few of the reactions the photo got: ‘Heiress all the way! 😍.’ / ‘You and heiress are twins! 💜.’ / ‘Heiress is your twin MY GOD.’

There were also some comments that simply wrote Heiress’ name and added heart emojis while one follower compared Tiny to another one of her children – 15 year old son, King!

Well, since he is her child, it’s not that big of a surprise that someone would find her son to resemble her a lot as well!

As for the comparisons with Heiress, it makes a lot of sense since the ages are closer and they are both female!

Besides, the proud mom posts cute clips of the funny and sassy girl quite a lot so fans are very used to seeing her face.

Therefore, identifying the similarities between mom and daughter was super easy for everyone as soon as Tiny shared the throwback baby photo.


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