Kylie Jenner Asks For Movie Suggestions As She Self-Isolates Due To Coronavirus — What Are You Watching?

Kylie Jenner Asks For Movie Suggestions As She Self-Isolates Due To Coronavirus — What Are You Watching?
Credit: Source: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Like many across the nation, Kylie Jenner is holed up inside her home due to the Coronavirus pandemic. While not everyone has the luxury of staying in a mansion with plenty of amenities, even the wealthy get bored and need a little help figuring out what to do with their time. Kylie seems to be spending time watching television and movies and she asked her 166.9 million Instagram followers for movie suggestions. Kourtney Kardashian chimed in and offered the suggestion Great Expectations. Maria Helena Bordon Meireles suggested Notting Hill.  Kylie isn't the only one who has been looking for movie suggestions due to self-isolation, but she may be surprised to discover that Coronavirus is changing things in the movie industry.

Many movie premieres have been canceled and some previously scheduled movie release dates have been put on hold. Now that movie theaters are being shut down across the country, more films are being released straight to video. With the Coronavirus pandemic in full swing, a lot of streaming movie services are also putting out high-quality films for people to watch.

The new Disney Plus app has released the movie Frozen 2 several months before it was scheduled due to all of the children who are home in self-isolation.

You may see the post that Kylie Jenner shared on her official Instagram account below.

Many people sounded off in Kylie's comment section and offered up their favorite movie selections. Other people are saying this is the best time to binge-watch your favorite series as there are many shows that are available on-demand through streaming sites.

Here are some of the movies that are coming to streaming services due to the Coronavirus pandemic: Frozen 2, The Invisible Man, The Hunt, Emma, Onward, Birds of Prey, Bloodshot, Just Mercy, The Gentlemen, I Still Believe, and Trolls The World Tour.

Kylie Jenner never gave an update to her fans on what movie she chose to watch.

How have you been handling self-isolation? Are you binge-watching any television series? Have you watched any good movies? Is there a movie or movies that you are looking forward to seeing?

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