Tiny Harris' Photo With Toya Wright's Daughter, Reign Rushing Will Make You Smile

Tiny Harris' Photo With Toya Wright's Daughter, Reign Rushing Will Make You Smile
Credit: Source: bet.com

Tiny Harris and T.I. had a rough weekend despite the fact that they partied after Precious Harris' funeral.

Tip explained various times that he did not allow himself or his family to drown in sorrow because this is not what Precious would have wanted.

A couple of days ago,  Tip imagined having a conversation with Precious, and it’s heartbreaking . More fans and followers told him that they were in tears while reading it.

In another post,  Tip made Precious a promise.

Some fans criticized Tip for the way he handled the situation, and they said that it felt like he did not need their support.

But other fans said that it's his business how he deals with this whole situation and real fans have to stay by his side no matter what.

Tiny also shared some pics and videos from the party that took place after the funeral and found herself bashed by some fans as well.

It's the same situation with Tiny, and everyone who knows her also knows that she loved Precious like her own sister and she is definitely hurting more than words can tell these days.

One photo that managed to melt everyone's hearts was one in which Tiny is holding Toya Wright's daughter, Reign Rushing.

Someone posted '❤️ love u guys 😍 tiny I rather see u with your husband I hate when yall argue it saddd😢🙌😍'

Another commenter wrote 'My thoughts and prayers are with you all @majorgirl ! Don’t feed the negative energy. You are beautiful, and @preciousharris1913 positive energy flows thru you. Much love! 😘'

A fan told Tiny 'You just looove kids.. You always appear happiest and so comfortable when you're posing with your babies 😊 @majorgirl.'

Someone else believes that Reigny should have her very own show: '@majorgirl Reign needs her own show. Her expressions are priceless.'

Toya heard this before because lots of her fans believe that Reigny is a whole mood.


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