T.I. & Precious Harris: 'Unbreakable. Inseparable. Irreplaceable' - Today Is The Funeral And Tip Has A Promise For His Sister

T.I. & Precious Harris: 'Unbreakable. Inseparable. Irreplaceable' - Today Is The Funeral And Tip Has A Promise For His Sister
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This will be one of the hardest days for the Harris family, their friends and also their fans who love and supported them through all this tragedy. Precious Harris' funeral is today.

The funeral for Antoinette Chapman, who is better known as Precious Harris, 'will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday at Salem Bible Church at 2283 Baker Road in Atlanta', Zachary Hansen from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution writes.

Just the other day, Tip imagined having a conversation with Precious, and it's heartbreaking . More fans and followers told him that they were in tears while reading it.

In another post, Tip made Precious a promise:

'Unbreakable. Inseparable. Irreplaceable. I can’t say enough to thank you for all of your love, service, and commitment to this family. We’ll be Loving, caring for, and uplifting each other... just the way you taught us for ALL of this life and well into the next!!! I promise not to allow MY PAIN to overwhelm my happiness for YOUR PEACE...& I’ll do all I can to fill the void... an impossible feat... But for you... I WILL!!! All our Love for All our Lives...&after!!!!'

A fan told Tip 'I never shed so many tears for a woman I didn't know personally but she watching her made her like family. Her Love was real❤️'

Someone else asks the rapper to be strong: '🙏 bruh be 💪we both have big sisters not here with us but in spirit. The both keep smiles on our face and there face and where happy. Big sisters always uplifted they lil brothers. They put pressure and worries in God's hands. I learned a lot from my big sister from highs and lows to the reality of life in general. RIP to our big sisters. 🙏'

Another follower said '🙏🙏🙏 Much Love & Respect To Your Family & You!! I Feel She Helped Me Grow Just By Watching Her As Grow With Your Family In The Public Eye. Thank You For Share Her With The World!! 💓'

Please continue to keep this family lifted in prayer. Rest in Peace, Precious.

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  • Tamara Webb
    Tamara Webb Mar 2, 2019 2:09 PM PST

    Keep ur Head up.....she is resting in peace.... always beautyful 💙 💙👑

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