T.I. Has A Heartbreaking Imaginary Conversation With Precious Harris And Fans Are In Tears - Read It Here

T.I. Has A Heartbreaking Imaginary Conversation With Precious Harris And Fans Are In Tears - Read It Here
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T.I. tried to be strong after the latest tragedy that hit his family and took the life of his beloved sister, Precious Harris . But, after all, he's human, and it seems that these days sadness has been getting a hold of him more and more.

He seems to be tangled in the claws of pain these days even harder than before. His Instagram posts are getting sadder and more melancholic.

In one of them, Tip imagines having a conversation with Precious, and this breaks your heart.

More fans and followers told him that they were in tears while reading it. You can see it for yourselves below:

'Me: Now you know this shit ain’t gon be the same without you.
Precious: No dear brother it won’t. Because it’s not supposed to be. To live life is to change and to refuse to change is to accept death. The only thing that won’t ever change is our memories and the love we share. You got this little-BIG Brother. I believe in you.
Me: I love you sis. We all do!!! Enjoy your peaceful place in paradise.'

Someone commented 'I'm crying over here, reading your words. My prayers for you and the family!'

Another supporter wrote 'Beautiful @troubleman31! I love how you & the entire family are staying so positive & celebrating her beautiful life. I lost my mother last year so I KNOW what you're going thru. And ironically my mom passed away at age 66 just like Your Precious sister! God Bless you all!💜💜💜'

A commenter said 'One of God’s most precious gifts is imagination 🙌🏽 our brain recalls time and space when love and laughter once exist between loved ones.'

Someone else noted that 'The bond n love u both had will never be broken..n know u gave her much love when she was present.RIH🙏'

One of Tip's fans also had the kindest words: 'My heart goes out to you and your family. Although I don't know her personally, I've watched her on television since you guys started reality television with her and she showed and expressed so much love and care for everyone. I love you all.'

Recently, Tip had a message for all of his fans, especially for young people. This time, it was a video featuring some wisdom coming from Maya Angelou .

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