Zonnique Pullins' Fans Ask Her To Make A Live Video And Show Them Her Belly To Prove She's Not Pregnant

Zonnique Pullins' Fans Ask Her To Make A Live Video And Show Them Her Belly To Prove She's Not Pregnant
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Zonnique Pullins did not have the greatest days after the passing of Precious Harris. She and her whole family have had some really painful days. The past weekend marked Precious' funeral .

As you know, Tip's sister passed away after a car crash that triggered a fatal asthma attack.

Zonnique posted a beautiful photo of Precious and used the caption to share with the world the way she felt about her.

She told people that it was a blessing to have Precious in her life since she was just a little girl.

Now, Zonnique shared a couple of new pics on social media, featuring herself and fans gushed over her beauty.

Some of her followers keep harassing her and insist that the young woman is pregnant, even if she denied the rumor various times.

They even told Zonnique to make a live video and show them her belly to prove that she's not carrying a child.

This was a bit too much, and her diehard fans came in her defense in the comments section.

Someone said: '@zonniquejailee Do a live showing us your stomach sis, until then you is. 🤷🏽‍♀️'

A follower responded quickly and said that 'she doesn't have to show anyone anything, if she says she's not pregnant then she's not pregnant.'

One commenter gushed over Zonnique and said 'So very beautiful my dear sweet friend zonniquejailee I love your swag ma one hundred.'

Someone else joked and wrote 'I would crush on you but ion want yo daddy to get on my ass 😂'

Zonnique is definitely a gorgeous and humble young lady, and some fans should get off her back with such demands, telling her that they want to see her belly and just let her be.

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  • Robbie Grady
    Robbie Grady Mar 4, 2019 1:14 PM PST

    First off they are grieving don't be disrespectful. And if she is pregnant she grown, she not broke and struggling and that's her business.

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