Some Of T.I.'s Fans Are Angry With Him And Say He's Been 'Disrespectful And Arrogant' Following Precious Harris Funeral - They Feel He Didn't Need Their Condolences

Some Of T.I.'s Fans Are Angry With Him And Say He's Been 'Disrespectful And Arrogant' Following Precious Harris Funeral - They Feel He Didn't Need Their Condolences
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Yesterday was a really hard day for the Harris family. It was the funeral of their beloved Precious Harris.

A couple of days ago, Tip imagined having a conversation with Precious, and it’s heartbreaking . More fans and followers told him that they were in tears while reading it.

In another post, Tip made Precious a promise :

‘Unbreakable. Inseparable. Irreplaceable. I can’t say enough to thank you for all of your love, service, and commitment to this family. We’ll be Loving, caring for, and uplifting each other… just the way you taught us for ALL of this life and well into the next!!! I promise not to allow MY PAIN to overwhelm my happiness for YOUR PEACE…& I’ll do all I can to fill the void… an impossible feat… But for you… I WILL!!! All our Love for All our Lives…&after!!!!’

During all this time, Tip's family, friends, and fans were here for him, and their followers and fans have been flooding his social media with countless of kind words and prayers.

Now, it seems that his actions made some fans feel disrespected by him and they don't understand his attitude.

Tip shared a photo of his cousins, and there, more people commented, complaining.

Someone said 'I think your live was so disrespectful people are genuinely hurt by your loss and it’s like you were saying you don’t need our condolences because y’all good over there we know your going to be good but damn you introduced Precious to the world so how you think we’re not going to feel sad about her passing.... @troubleman31 you are to arrogant for your own good! We prayed for Precious and we will continue to pray for @kamayadaplug @plugchapman and the entire family @troubleman31 you need to take that chip off your shoulder it’s covering up you big head 🙄'

There have been more similar comments, but most of his fans didn't seem to feel like that, and they continued to keep the family lifted in prayer.

A supporter said 'Yo @troubleman31 I’m very sorry for your loss my brother. I hope you're doing well. Keep your head up player. Condolences to you and your family.'

Another person wrote 'I see so much beauty in this picture. Beauty from within, irreplaceable beauty. Beauty that will not fade over time, nor with from the harshness of life. Beauty that can only be appreciated once the scales of society have been removed from your eyes. I see individuality and confidence laced with inner strength. Beauty emanates from the inside out. @troubleman31 your family is amazing, strong, resilient, loyal to each other. Be thankful, stay humble. It's a blessing, so stay blessed.'

Tip has definitely been having the hardest time, and he has been suffering a lot even if he did not want to show this.

He repeated more times that he would try and be strong and happy because he knows that this is what Precious Harris would have wanted. He was only thinking about her and what she would have liked.

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  • Ann Johnson
    Ann Johnson Mar 9, 2019 12:05 PM PST

    Jennifer is right Do you and ignore the foolish, is he supposed to respond to all the messages sent on behalf of his sister? People are really reaching, let this family deal with their tragic loss and stop expecting to be recognized for your message of sympathy to them. Start with the mirror, check out your own perfect life and leave other people alone.

  • Lavon Rambo
    Lavon Rambo Mar 6, 2019 3:59 PM PST

    I think him & the family did an Awesome job for her Home-Going. 🌹🕊❣️

  • Pat
    Pat Mar 4, 2019 9:03 PM PST

    I agree that people grieve differently, and I feel confident that TI meant no harm. I lost my father several weeks ago, and I still don't know how I'm going to feel and behave from minute to minute.

  • Sonia Dorsey
    Sonia Dorsey Mar 4, 2019 8:57 AM PST

    People grieve differently and the relationship Tip had with his sister is and was what every sister and brother should strive for. I watch the show from time to time the love they shared was a complete love only they had. His children, his wife she loved them all , and they all loved respected and charished her. I am 55 and never knew the love they shared as sister and brother from my own siblings. God bless the Harris Family. Love you guys. I knew w what it is like to loose someone you love. Lost my husband from cancer and no one will ever know how it feels to loose your best friend. Forever In my heart

  • AVJ
    AVJ Mar 3, 2019 1:33 PM PST

    I agree. The man is hurting while trying to put up a strong front fo the public. You can tell how much Precious Harris meant to him and his family. Let the man have some downtime to start his private grieving process. He hasn't forgotten how much love his fans have put on social media, but frankly, I think he has been in a state of shock, along with the rest of his family. The funeral was only yesterday, he needs time folks! Let him rest, please.💖 🤔

  • Marcus
    Marcus Mar 3, 2019 1:20 PM PST

    Let that man grieve everybody handles it in different ways

  • D.Hines
    D.Hines Mar 3, 2019 12:32 PM PST

    That's definitely not what he said or meant. First he said its loss not lost but I thank u. He thanked them and told them he's sorry for those who never knew her he wasn't being rude at all some people get on my damn nerved

  • Jennifer Eisele
    Jennifer Eisele Mar 3, 2019 7:04 AM PST

    Im thinking fans are trying to be more needed for just a response from TI.Yall need to leave that man alone.Everyone grieves didnt and he dont need to apologize to none of yall for not being more grateful for your sympathy come on get the hell out of here now whos being selfish.TI do you.❤

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