The Hills: New Beginnings Star Heidi Montag's Dad Guilty Of Child Abuse

The Hills: New Beginnings Star Heidi Montag's Dad Guilty Of Child Abuse
Credit: Source: CBS

Heidi Montag Pratt is back on TV in The Hills: New Beginnings and a new report claims that her dad William - who she hasn’t spoken to in years -  quietly pleaded guilty to child abuse in 2016 after being charged with sexual assault on a child and aggravated incest.

According to OK! Magazine , the affidavit for William’s arrest warrant says that he committed his crimes between 1996 and 1998, and originally received four years of probation after pleading guilty. However, police arrested him again in January 2015 when he failed to appear in court.

Another felony warrant was issued for William in Centennial, Colorado, for sex abuse on a child when a 13-year-old female came forward with accusations against him in 2013. In her complaint, she accused William of abusing her more than 50 times, and it stopped only after she threatened to tell her family.

William denies the claims, saying, “I’m not admitting to anything I didn’t do.”

Heidi and her husband, Spencer, are currently starring in MTV’s The Hills reboot, and there has already been a ton of drama in just the first couple of episodes. Spencer got into a big fight with his sister Stephanie, but he told Cosmopolitan that he isn’t “trying to have beef with somebody who’s less famous than me.”

During Stephanie’s homecoming party - she had just returned home from London - she accused Heidi of purposely spilling a drink on her new purse, and Spencer downplayed the incident, saying that his wife “would never waste expensive alcohol.”

“And it was clear liquor,” explained Spencer. “It wasn’t even red wine. Her purse was one of those British-themed purses you get at the airport. It’s not like Heidi spilled merlot on a Birkin. That purse literally comes with a mug at Heathrow.”

Spencer added that he doesn’t believe his sister is really friends with Whitney Port or Mischa Barton. He challenges anyone to find a picture of Whitney and Stephanie hanging out in the last 15 years, and the same goes for a picture of Stephanie with The OC actress.

Spencer says his sister just wants to be famous, and he isn’t sure if she knows the difference between TV and reality anymore. He says that he can’t judge her for that, but he learned during his first stint on The Hills that there is a big difference between fame and infamy.

“She never behaves like that off-camera. At all our family functions and at Christmas and at the country club. But then again, she tries to tell people she hasn’t seen me in ten years, which is literally the funniest thing on the planet,” says Spencer. “She sees me every time she’s in L.A.! She’s not a British citizen, as much as her accent wants her to be. You can’t be in England all the time if you’re not a citizen. You have to come to L.A. for your visa, for your work permit! I see you all the time! But, okay. I haven’t seen you in ten years.”

He continued by saying that he doesn’t want any problems with his non-famous little sister, but instead he would rather have issues with people like Katy Perry or Ed Sheeran - people with clout. Spencer says that the reason the rest of his castmates defend his sister is because that is how they get airtime.

New episodes of The Hills: New Beginnings air Monday nights on MTV.


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