Spencer Pratt Accuses The Hills: New Beginnings Co-Star Mischa Barton Of Secretly Drinking Away From The Cameras

Spencer Pratt Accuses The Hills: New Beginnings Co-Star Mischa Barton Of Secretly Drinking Away From The Cameras
Credit: Source: MTV

No, you haven’t traveled back in time. Spencer Pratt really is making headlines as he returns to reality television in The Hills: New Beginnings along with his wife Heidi Montag , Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port, and Brody Jenner. To shake things up, Mischa Barton and Brandon Lee have joined the cast, and there is already drama between Pratt and Barton, as he accuses her of secretly drinking when the cameras aren’t rolling.

After becoming a major star in the early 2000s when she played Marissa Cooper on the pop culture phenomenon The OC, Barton has had some serious problems with drug and alcohol. Pratt says that even though she wouldn’t drink when they are shooting scenes, as soon as the cameras were down that changed quickly.

“Let me tell you — whoa, spoiler alert — the first time I shot a scene with Mischa, we were having dinner and she wouldn’t drink any white wine,” Pratt told Cosmopolitan. “They kept asking and she’s all ‘No, no, I don’t drink.’ Second those cameras were down, homegirl downs three glasses like it’s a competition.”

Pratt says he doesn’t think that he and Barton will be enemies, but he’s waiting to see how she handles herself in testimonials. He believes that is where the actress will “pop off and release all that sideways shade we haven’t seen yet.” And, if she can get more comfortable and become a “fly-on-the-wall s**t talker,” he can respect that.

Barton is part of the show as a friend of Spencer’s sister, Stephanie, and during the most recent episode, she confronted blogger Perez Hilton, who Spencer invited to a “welcome home” celebration for Stephanie after she returned from London.

Barton still resents being the subject of negative gossip on Perez’s popular website during her days on The OC, and she told Hilton that she felt he bullied her via his blog, and he “was the face of a certain brand of hate.”

During the confrontation, Hilton apologized and admitted that if he could go back in time, he would do things differently. Barton challenged that claim, and Hilton didn’t take it well. The actress says she expected him to react the way he did instead of saying how he really feels.

Barton explained to BuzzFeed that joining the cast of The Hills: New Beginnings was her way of taking ownership of her own story.

“You will see different aspects of everybody open up and be vulnerable, and that's just the way it goes with something like this. You are vulnerable, and nobody is not willing to share. There are good days and there are bad days, and everybody has their kind of threshold for where they feel comfortable sharing things,” said Barton.

New episodes of The Hills: New Beginnings air Monday nights on MTV.


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