Mod Sun Has Saved Over $12K By Not Buying Drugs And Alcohol

Mod Sun Has Saved Over $12K By Not Buying Drugs And Alcohol
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Mod Sun is about a month and a half sober and can buy a gently used car with the amount of money that he saved in that short amount of time simply by not indulging in drugs and alcohol. The rapper opened up about the benefits of living a sober life.

While out and about in LA with none other than Yeezy model Shannon Clermont, Mod told cameras about an app that tracks how much money you spend.

'This is my 48th day clean without alcohol and drugs. I have this app that tells you how much money you saved - and I've saved 12 grand. It saved my life, it saved money, all that.'

While speaking about the application named Sobertool, he explained: 'You know what? Even if you're not trying to clean up at all, you should get it to see how much money you're spending.'

Mod decided to get sober around the same time he called it quits with Bella Thorne. Although the two have been beefing since then, his professional career couldn't get any better.


The 32-year-old shared a heartwarming video of himself hearing his song on a mainstream radio station for the first time last week.

On Saturday morning, Mod got sentimental in an Instagram post.

Alongside a photo of himself, Sun wrote: 'If u told me a year ago I’d be where I am today I would’ve said there’s no way we’re talking about the same person. Thank u all for taking such good care of me. My album is almost’s gonna be the one that changes everything for me. None of this is a coincidence, but I’m fully convinced it’s all a miracle. Patiently waiting for perfect stars to align is my favorite pastime. My favorite pieces of advice lately are “once u stop trying to self will miracles into existence they arrive” + “pain is a sign of progress”. Please keep listening to my new song it’s getting close to a million streams. Ok I love u have the kind of day dreams are made of.'

It's great to see that the artist is serious about his sobriety and attempting to help others who may be struggling too.

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