Tamar Braxton's Latest Picture Confirms That She Is Having A Hot Girl Summer And Tiny Harris Approves, BF David Adefeso Not So Much

Tamar Braxton's Latest Picture Confirms That She Is Having A Hot Girl Summer And Tiny Harris Approves, BF David Adefeso Not So Much
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Tamar Braxton recently posted a sizzling picture that would have gone unnoticed if it was shared on the social media account of another celebrity.

However, her posture immediately drew a lot of criticism from many including some of her die-hard fans.

The photo showed Braxton in a somewhat revealing pose, with her legs spread open, and a bandana on her head.

And while the picture did not seem that provocative in its respective context, it immediately drew a storm of hate from many people in her fan base.

It did not take long for the comments to start pouring in, with many claiming that she should "close her legs,"and accusing her of being classless.

Others pointed out that it was not a good picture in milder terms. The controversy quickly grew strong, and the photo went viral.

Some tried to defend David Adefeso's lady love, claiming that people were overreacting and should mind their own business.

Braxton herself did not want to engage the controversial situation any further, and she chose to remain quiet and posted a video where she is having a hot summer girl with her man by her side and her BFF, Tiny Harris, loved it.

Which, as many have pointed out, was probably for the best given the way things were going for her.

It looks like most people are currently divided over whether or not the picture was inappropriate.

One person said: "I don’t understand when someone gives their opinions you have others call them hater 🤷🏽‍♀️ and attack them. This picture isn’t cool, but she always thinks smoking cigars are ghetto."

Another commenter shared: "I will not call this post classless, but with a lady of your popularity, I don't feel that it is very ladylike to have to choose what type of photo they post. You now have a new Love, and I suppose if he's okay with his lady being photographed and seen by the world and that type of position but then I guess it's okay. Just not ladylike."

Some of Braxton's fans are still defensive of her and have been bashing her haters and telling them to back off.

One supporter said: "What is this she’s telling David to come by and hit it because she’s got cobwebs and spiders covering her vagina? He better hurry the hell up then ain’t nobody got time for bugs."

Tamar can do no wrong for many when it comes to her poses.

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  • Delise Delray
    Delise Delray Aug 13, 2019 7:18 PM PDT

    I guarantee u if her mother saw that pic with her legs wide open she'll tell her to close her damn legs I'm not scared to say it that it's classless when she poses like this she should always think about her son looking at her pics later on down the road would she want her son to see her with her legs open like that I bet u not

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