Lamar Odom And His New GF Sabrina Parr Talk About Their Relationship

Lamar Odom And His New GF Sabrina Parr Talk About Their Relationship
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As fans know, Lamar Odom is in a new relationship these days, and the man seems really happy. His GF is a fitness guru, Sabrina Parr. The couple has recently stopped by Dish Nation and had a chat with Gary With Da Tea.

They addressed their relationship and what brought them together. The Shade Room posted a video featuring the conversation.

TSR noted that when Lamar was asked what makes his current relationship different from previous, he said, 'It’s the truth, she’s black. All the other relationships weren’t.'

According to TSR, 'He admitted that in his previous relationships, he was just able to have his way.'

Sabrina said publicly that she was also previously married and now she is divorced.

She also made sure to highlight the reasons for which her relationship is different now.

'This relationship for me is different for me because he is not intimidated of me at all. I know how I come across and I’m okay with it. He embraced it, he said to me he needs someone aggressive because he’s so laid back and passive,' she said.

People don't seem, to really be here for the relationship.

Somoene said: 'I really gotta see the full interview because this clip ain’t it. There’s nothing romantic about being someone’s emotional rehab and as happy as I am that bro is doing better and they’re seemingly happy, that toxic narrative has to stop. 9 times out of 10, fixers are the first ones to become broken and while all ends well for the one who got fixed, the damage tends to be permanent for those who were there to build them up. So again, I’ll look for the full interview and hope this clip is just posted out of context. We’re not romanticizing emotional fixer-uppers anymore.'

One follower posted: 'It’s beautiful to find love. But one thing every self-help book teaches u is that no one can heal u but u n that takes a long journey of self-love that we gotta do alone or w professionals. Sorry but she sounds more like the self-coach that she is then a gf.'

A commenter said: 'I like their story. But ladies 🗣don’t be out here trying to heal every broken man. Some are very toxic and will leave you empty.'

Someone else posted: 'Well I’m happy it worked for her but sometimes you lose yourself trying to help a man heal.'

What do you think about these two being together?

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