Tiny Harris Shares A Behind-The-Scenes Video For Her Latest Hit

Tiny Harris Shares A Behind-The-Scenes Video For Her Latest Hit
Credit: BET

Tiny Harris is really proud of her latest hit and she's been advertising it on social media a lot. She now shared a behind-the-scenes video on her Instagram and, as expected, fans are living for it.

Someone commented: 'Yes Majorgirl we waiting on this let's go Ms. Tiny wins again baby I love it❤️'

Another follower posted: 'Can’t wait I love ❣️this song i literally play it every day.'

One other fan said: 'Look at all your female fan base its because u inspire so many woman 💙💙 @majorgirl.'

Somoene else wrote: 'My favorite song out ritenow @majorgirl. You did that but you always been talented i go wayyyyyyyy back with ya 💯💪'

One follower said: 'Ayoooo' I swear tiny gets better with timeee, like a fineee wine; looking like a whole snaaack 💰🔥😂 beaaautifulll mama ❤️ shooot If I can look half as good as her when my kids are damn near grown I'll be alright with some shit!'

Someone else also gushed over Tiny and posted this: '@majorgirl you are really looking amazing your 40 is ten to 12 yrs younger ...absolutely look amazing !!!! Keep it going these females don't got anything on you !!!! They could only wish they looked as good !!!'

In other news, Tiny shared a video featuring her and T.I.’s daughter, Heiress Harris . She’s so funny that Zonnique Pullins hopped in the comments to say something as well.

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