Tamar Braxton Slams Cruel Critic Who Blamed Her Niece's Tragic Passing On Tamar's Behavior

Tamar Braxton Slams Cruel Critic Who Blamed Her Niece's Tragic Passing On Tamar's Behavior
Credit: Source: TMZ

The Braxton family is grieving over a tragic and sudden loss. Unfortunately, that still doesn't protect them from the cruel trolls of the internet.

Tamar Braxton was forced to put a non-fan in her place when they got out of line in her comment section.

The singer shared a repost to her Instagram that read: "PSA: Don't tell people how to heal from something you've never been through."

Braxton added her own caption that said: "and now you know the rest of the story."

Someone took it upon themselves to boldly comment: "Oh like you did with your sisters? God will humble you sis...no matter your age during the offense. I hope you are learning a valuable lesson."

Tamar caught wind of the ignorant message and clapped back.

"b**** what the f*** are you talking about? What did I do to my sisters? I'll wait? God didn't punish my brother b**** over a tv show h**. as a matter of fact send me ya number so I can facetime your stupid a** and tell it to your face. Cause you want attention and I got you for TADAY!! #letsgo."

This comes after the sudden passing of Lauren Braxton, her 24-year-old niece who was found dead in her home in Maryland. The shocking death is said to be related to a heart condition.

Toni took the time to mourn her young family member by posting a photo of them together with a caption that read: "R.I.P to my amazing niece Lauren 'Lo Lo' Braxton...I'm still in disbelief and so very heartbroken 😥💔 Love you...always auntie 'Te Te.'"

Trina also posted a tribute message that stated: "God sent me another angel! Rest in Heaven Lauren 'LoLo' Braxton. ❤️."

The follower clearly did not care about the Braxton family's tragic loss and instead wanted to focus on recent episodes of 'Braxton Family Values' that found Traci and Tamar at odds.


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