Pete Davidson Snaps Picture With Hillary Clinton Following Her MSNBC Interview

Pete Davidson Snaps Picture With Hillary Clinton Following Her MSNBC Interview
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According to a report from CBS News, Pete Davidson ran into his "bae for life," Hillary Clinton, while at the 30 Rock Plaza on Wednesday. Luckily for the Saturday Night Live star, the place of  SNL's  filming is the same as the MSNBC studio, so Pete and Hillary got a chance to meet once again.

Fans of Davidson and Clinton know they have actually run into each other before. Despite the apparent unlikeliness of such a friendship, Davidson is actually a fan of Clinton and supported her in the last election against Donald Trump, which she lost.

In fact, Davidson, the former fiancé of Ariana Grande, has a tattoo of Clinton's face on his leg. Hillary took to her social media account to say, in reference to the tattoo, that it makes it "significantly less awkward" that she has secretly had a tattoo of his face for years.

Since the post was revealed on the 'Gram, Davidson actually deleted it. This wouldn't be the first time Davidson has removed content on Instagram either. Previously, during his short-lived engagement to the singer, Ariana Grande, he deleted his Instagram altogether.

In his newest Instagram post, however, Davidson shared the photo of himself and Clinton outside of 30 Rock. The star captioned the photo with the short but sweet message, "That's bae for life."

No one knows if Hillary actually considers Pete her "bae," but it's not likely considering she's married to Bill Clinton and has been for many decades. Last summer, Pete ran into Hillary Clinton again while at Aretha Franklin's funeral.

Ariana was performing a tribute in the iconic singer's honor. Famously, there was a photograph of Bill Clinton appearing to mutter something to someone beside him while allegedly "leering" at Ariana Grande in her short dress.

Moreover, the event was the source of controversy when the preacher in the church aggressively grabbed the singer's mid-section following her performance in Aretha's honor. Later on, Ariana admitted she was bothered by him touching her, but chose not to say anything for fear of making everything about her instead of Aretha Franklin.


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