Tamar Braxton Has Confessed That Her First Love Has Crept Back Into Her Life In The Most Beautiful Way And Her Fans Are Delighted

Tamar Braxton Has Confessed That Her First Love Has Crept Back Into Her Life In The Most Beautiful Way And Her Fans Are Delighted
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Tamar Braxton has been taking a break from social media, but that does not mean she is on vacation.

Au contraire, the diva, has been very hard at work with various projects, including movies, songs, and a new TV show.

It has been three years since Tamar shocked the world by announcing that her album, Bluebird of Happiness , would more or less be her final one.

However, music has a way a creeping on artist and she has confirmed that she has recorded a new song and she is deeply in love with music again.

Tamar dropped a new single called "Crazy Kinda Love," that will be featured in the upcoming film, True to the Game 2 .

Talking to Billboard , Tamar confessed that she is in love with music and hinted that she might record an album.

The reporter asked, what drew you to the story being told in the first True to the Game movie and still being told by Gena in its sequel? The overall theme seems to align with the “all’s fair in love and war” principle.

Tamar responded by: "Everybody wants a love story, but what drew me to it was that I'm really kind of standoffish too. And when somebody else pulls at the strings of your heart, you really don't have a choice at the end of the day because your love takes over. "

To the question, what makes for a crazy kind of love like the song's title indicates?

David Adefeso's girlfriend had this say: "I think one where your guard is completely down and all your rules and all of the things that you feel like will not make you lose control in a relationship go out of the window. It doesn't matter what a person does, and you just love them so much you're willing to work it out, instead of all of your rules holding you back from loving somebody completely. And I'd like to say I've been there before! [Laughs]
That just goes to show you that sometimes you have no control of love, you know? You can't pick the person that you fall for. Sometimes it does work out in your favor when you let your guard down, but sometimes there are certain signs where you let that guard back up. Sometimes we love people so much that we ignore those signs, and it's to our detriment."

She also spoke about the character Ariana and the role she plays in True to the Game 2 by saying: "Well, it's not a huge role, but it's an important one! [Laughs] I'm a receptionist, and I basically am responsible for giving some very important information away. I won't spoil it, but it's a small part but an important role."

Tamar is taking her career higher with her latest moves.

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  • Linda Faulk
    Linda Faulk Mar 8, 2020 2:41 PM PDT

    I truly thank Tamar she let me know that no how long it takes that you can find true love. BEAUTIFUL COUPLE!!

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