T.I. Is Called Out For Shading Nicki Minaj In This Video, Tiny Harris' Husband Answers His Critics With This Epic Clap-Back

T.I. Is Called Out For Shading Nicki Minaj In This Video, Tiny Harris' Husband Answers His Critics With This Epic Clap-Back
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The latest edition of T.I.'s podcast, expediTIously , went into detail about the rapper's opinion on his fellow entertainers, with a list of rappers that Tiny Harris' husband himself considered being the greatest of all time.

The list contained many names that most people would expect to see in a compilation like this, but one detail, in particular, seems to have ticked some of T.I.'s fans off -- the fact that he has specifically chosen not to include Nicki Minaj in his ranking, instead favoring Lil Kim over her.

According to T.I., his decision was based on the fact that both Nicki and Kim have a more or less identical style and attitude, and he had to pick one over the other.

In the end, he decided to go with Kim, noting that Nicki likely owes a large part of her current success to her predecessor.

Many of T.I.'s fans have agreed with his decision, even if it was initially received with a lot of controversies.

Nicki has not responded to the situation, although knowing her proud attitude, she might not have too many good things to say about what is going on.

T.I. did also point out that he was working on an all-female list similar to his last one, and Nicki would likely have a place on this one instead.

It remains to be seen which other female rappers T.I. is going to choose for a compilation like this, and various suggestions have already been flying around social media. Many took to the networking channels to bash Tiny's spouse.

One follower said: "So you made a list @troubleman31 & only included one female rapper? This is what’s wrong with the rap game now & it’s hyper delusional machismo attitude! Smfh"

Another music lover revealed: "Nicki Minaj has the catalog, hits, talent, influence, and numbers to put her above every female artist. Overall she’s #1."

This person stated: "That's the problem why y’all always pit them against each other THERE ARE 50 SLOTS, they both deserve to be at least in the top 20 TOGETHER they made a bigger impact greater than any male artist and are better than any male rapper on that list."

An angry T.I. decided to answer the critics by saying: "Do you guys know the difference between FACT AND OPINION???? There IS NO LIST EVER MADE THAT EVERYONE WILL AGREE TO. ITS OPINION NOT FACT‼️ Y’all can waste time disputing each other’s opinions all you like, but it’s an act of futility. ✌🏽"

T.I. knows how to stir the pot.

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