R. Kelly Accused Of A New Crime -- R&B Star Allegedly Attempted To Blackmail His Victims By Doing This

R. Kelly Accused Of A New Crime -- R&B Star Allegedly Attempted To Blackmail His Victims By Doing This
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R. Kelly is in even more legal trouble, as one of his court cases just got a new development that has further painted him in a negative light.

According to prosecutors, Kelly might have tried to intimidate some of his alleged victims using letters he wrote.

The letters threatened to release compromising materials to embarrass the people in question unless they chose to back out of the legal case against him.

The letters also allegedly included screenshots and photographs, describing explicit conversations between the R&B singer and his alleged victims, and some of those were taken directly from his phone.

It is not clear what Kelly’s endgame might have been if those accusations are indeed true, as a lot of this has now come to light, and has drawn even more negative attention towards the singer and his current predicament.

Kelly continues to await his trial on multiple felony charges, some of which are quite serious. He is facing charges of sexual abuse and assault and might have to spend a lot of time behind bars if he gets convicted.

Some have speculated that Kelly might have a difficult time ever getting out of prison with the way things are going right now.

And judging by the public’s opinion about the R&B legend, that might not be too far off from the truth, even if he still has a moderately-sized supporter base that insists he is not guilty in any of this.

One fan replied: "People would believe anything at this point. Let’s be realistic. There’s no way r kelly would write letters to blackmail anybody in this desperate situation of trying to get out on bond. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️"

Another person had this to say about the matter: "Some of these allegations are just ploys... His camp will plot them as bait to the jury. For instance, they can have a girl say she is being blackmailed, and we support her without question or the whole story, then her story is a whole lie... Ploy from his camp... To seem as his real victims are lying... Just another tactic from the defense team."

This social media user explained: "Perhaps that explained why he got away in the first place when he was in trial back in 2008 or 2009. But not this time and not anymore. I hope the court of law finally has more sense than ever."

Kelly insists that he is innocent.

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