R. Kelly Accused Of A New Crime -- R&B Star Allegedly Attempted To Blackmail His Victims By Doing This

R. Kelly Accused Of A New Crime -- R&B Star Allegedly Attempted To Blackmail His Victims By Doing This
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R. Kelly is in even more legal trouble, as one of his court cases just got a new development that has further painted him in a negative light.

According to prosecutors, Kelly might have tried to intimidate some of his alleged victims using letters he wrote.

The letters threatened to release compromising materials to embarrass the people in question unless they chose to back out of the legal case against him.

The letters also allegedly included screenshots and photographs, describing explicit conversations between the R&B singer and his alleged victims, and some of those were taken directly from his phone.

It is not clear what Kelly’s endgame might have been if those accusations are indeed true, as a lot of this has now come to light, and has drawn even more negative attention towards the singer and his current predicament.

Kelly continues to await his trial on multiple felony charges, some of which are quite serious. He is facing charges of sexual abuse and assault and might have to spend a lot of time behind bars if he gets convicted.

Some have speculated that Kelly might have a difficult time ever getting out of prison with the way things are going right now.

And judging by the public’s opinion about the R&B legend, that might not be too far off from the truth, even if he still has a moderately-sized supporter base that insists he is not guilty in any of this.

One fan replied: "People would believe anything at this point. Let’s be realistic. There’s no way r kelly would write letters to blackmail anybody in this desperate situation of trying to get out on bond. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️"

Another person had this to say about the matter: "Some of these allegations are just ploys... His camp will plot them as bait to the jury. For instance, they can have a girl say she is being blackmailed, and we support her without question or the whole story, then her story is a whole lie... Ploy from his camp... To seem as his real victims are lying... Just another tactic from the defense team."

This social media user explained: "Perhaps that explained why he got away in the first place when he was in trial back in 2008 or 2009. But not this time and not anymore. I hope the court of law finally has more sense than ever."

Kelly insists that he is innocent.

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  • Jassy
    Jassy Oct 16, 2019 9:18 PM PDT

    All of this is crazy. Females lie about their age everyday. R Kelly was the type of artist that you would do whatever you had to do to get in his face. People need to keep it real. If this man imprisoned, starved and held you hostage then how can you just get tired one day and leave??? Who paid for your flight to leave?? Who gave you a ride to the airport?? Stop believing lies this is why the judicial system is set up that you are innocent until proven guilty. Many individuals tell lies to promote their own selves. R Kelly rather he has a voracious appetite for women does not mean he is a pedophile. Clearly he isn't because of marrying his wife and dating other women ranging in age. From what I see he likes slender, petite women that resemble "Left Eye" from the group, "TLC." R.I.P. As for the parents saying they gave their blessings and then later saying their child is in a cult is ridiculous. They are into being sex slaves. Debauchery does not mean criminal activity. Their are plenty of swingers, BDSM and sex groups who do this poly lifestyle daily. Rather you understand or agree with it is your choice but don't demonize a person for his free will of choice. #FreeRKelly

  • Selah Saint
    Selah Saint Oct 15, 2019 8:17 AM PDT

    The people who wrote most of these comments are all just as illiterate as R. Kelly supposedly is! Most of the comments are totally illegible & incoherent! Punctuation, spelling & syntax errors galore! Of course these idiots would think R. Kelly is innocent smh u dummies haven't seen the tape, I have. I saw it back in 2002 & trust me ladies, it was absolutely HIM & absolutely revolting. Peeing on a 14 year old girl's face, turning her into a teen prostitute. Plus he had already married Aaliyah after he got her pregnant when she was 15, having BEEN had sex with her since she was 13 or 14! He's a disgusting perverted child predator & he needs to be put UNDER the jail. He's the reason Aaliyah was assassinated, cuz he didn't want her to testify about their marriage or relationship at his trial. If she had been alive she would have been subpoenaed. He's SICK! & most likely arranged the hit on Aaliyah himself. I suppose it could have been his record label but as sick as he is, it was probably him. Damn sociopath. I hope he gets convicted of EVERY charge, gets 50 years & has to do ALL the time he's facing. Curse that foul POS!

  • Lailonnie
    Lailonnie Oct 15, 2019 4:50 AM PDT

    These allegations came after R. Kelly stopped assisting these Females financially..Most of them has written books trying to come up..if people doesn't realize it's all about money than God bless them..These money hungry hoes have made it harder for the real victims if there are any real ones to get justice..If R. Kelly beat these charges then what? Let's not forget that these Females parents had motives also..I don't care what a man can do for my child financially he would've either went to jail or ended up on a t-shirt.. Messing up a child's life because you are having financial difficulties is RIDICULOUS and they shouldn't have been able to further have had custody of those girls that they allowed him to have sex with because he were paying the parents...Money is always the motive in these sex scandals...

  • Toy
    Toy Oct 13, 2019 4:55 PM PDT

    I think at the end of the day they all knew what they were doing having sex at 15 and he's the blame they wanted it as well. And it should be a law if its not reported with in the first 48 then we don't believe you and why wait so late to tell come on now any girl being assaulted will make a report right away. I know i will not wait 25 years later to tell the story just for fame if you say you care about your life why you didn't make the call then i just don't understand i think he not guilty. Come on now this type of stuff is happening everyday in the minority world people are paying 15 yr old girls on the street $50 bucks for head, sex, and anything else but because he's r kelly he deserves to go to jail. Just remember god didn't put you on earth to judge i'm quiet sure you know or knew someone with an under age girl before and never told on them but then again he r kelly, micheal jackson, bill cosby, etc they gotta go to jail i think they all innocent money is the root of all evil and the system knows where to aim for money and slander people name i wish i can go on national tv and call every last one of those girls a hoe you wanted him for money and fame but i bet you these women then had sex with an older male beside r kelly when they were younger but because it was a way in and out they took to it. I lost my virginity at 15 so that's what i wanted to do and that's a choice i made so an older male cant make me do any thing i don't want unless i was raped at gun point or just simply killed but im not going to have sex then blame him god don't like ugly none of those girls were at gun point forced or anything at there free will. At the end of the day he is not guilty. And yes i'm a fan always will be and let god do the judging that's what's wrong with america today.

  • Leandra Green
    Leandra Green Oct 13, 2019 1:54 PM PDT

    Still going like he's music regardless but if he is guilty then he needs to serve time for it an needs counseling therapy oviously he's been through things in his life that he didn't deal with or dealt with that made him do the things he has an done

  • Tracy
    Tracy Oct 11, 2019 3:43 PM PDT

    As a young girl, alot of us are fascinated with the attention from an older man often because some of us have daddy issues. An older man shows us stability and makes us feel grown. An older man can often manipulate our minds and coerce us into doing alot of things we wouldn't do normally because they make us feel loved special and wanted. Has everyone forgotten about Aaliyah? I love his music too but I also know that he is a sick man and needs help. Everyone isn't lying on this man. Not everything reported in the media may be true but the truth is, the victims aren't all lying. Girls in the world stop acting like older men don't come for us and most don't care about our age just the size of our butt or breasts. Females know this.

    • R. BOOGA
      R. BOOGA Oct 14, 2019 4:15 PM PDT

      This situation l, surrounding R. KELLY is get ridiculous by the day. The police, offer that supposedly, taking legal action against R. KELLY. Concerning his, ex-wife should be ashamed of himself. For the simple, fact he made it known that his, ex-wife knew R.KELLY and had a relationship with him prior to her meeting him. Now he says, R. KELLY destroyed his marriage. Which is, the most comical, thing I've ever heard or seen your wife never. Stopped the, relationship with R. KELLY so were well aware of this risk to marrying her. And you realize that, everyone else is seeking for restitution against R.KELLY. And all, of the things, he has been accused of 99.9% is all lies and fabricated stories. Because, some type of monetary gain is connected to this. All of you, should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing yourselves to become token negros, to destroy this man. When there, was a time that he was helping. And contributing to, your success and goals. And the things, that is happening to him is out right wrong. But it is, a defense they're building to cause the jurors. To see him, as a monster and a huge liar. So that, any representation by R. KELLY's attorney will be weakened. A blind man, can see that is exactly what is going on. They are appling, pressure early before the, fight takes place in court. They are, trying to knock him out. With all, the negative things beinv said and. What he is apparently, saying or doing. Of which I, believe is lies. They are dismantling, R. KELLY's defense day bybday week by week. And month by, month so when the trial actually starts. That the perceptions of the jurors and all those involved. Will see him, as evil incarnate a huge liar. A dead beat, father to include a monster my heart and prayers go out to R. KELLY and his family. And to his ex-wife what kind. Of person are, you what. You're doing is, morally wrong sister. I bet when, you met R. KELLY years ago. He probably couldn't, turn a corner without seeing your face. That was probably, how much you was on him. The man married, you and all marriages have issues. None are perfect, what happened to for better or worst. But you, were only concerned about the BETTER in your vows. But to use, than man children against him is really evil and treacherous. Psychiatrist, have proven that, people that are pedophiles. If it is a man, that has a daughter. That man will, molested his own daughter. It doesn't matter, if the daughter is an infant, child, teenager etc. All of this is, proven and vice versa with women who have sons. So tell us has R. KELLY molested his daughter. I bet there is a resounding NO to that question. Because the man, necer did it and. I dont believe, the things in question now that he did as well also.

  • Brandy Bratton
    Brandy Bratton Oct 10, 2019 10:11 PM PDT

    I believe those girls lied to r kelly and brought it on themselves and because they had high hopes of becoming a star when it didn't go there way that's when the parents came up with the allegations against Kelly yeah he made mistakes R KELLY IS A SUPER STAR he could have any woman he wanted why would he risk his life of stardom to be thrown in prison cause of these girls and what they claim happen just don't make sense leave r kelly alone and tell the truth as big of a star he is I just don't see him ruining his career I'm sure he knows what could and would happen if it was true the allegations against him there's way more to this and I hope the truth comes out for Kelly's sake I love his music always will regardless

  • Purebreed..
    Purebreed.. Oct 10, 2019 1:03 PM PDT

    How can R. Kelly intimate his accusers with threatening letters, if he can not write or read... Ask him to write a letter to his girlfriends...

    • Belinda
      Belinda Oct 11, 2019 5:52 AM PDT

      Somebody is lying!! They openly embarrassed him by saying this man couldn’t read or write. But now he wrote threatening letters to these accusers. IF he’s guilty of being with young girls then convict him BUT don’t lie on him. Can R. Kelly read or write or is he being set up on that part? Whatever he’s guilty of then he needs to be dealt with but just don’t lie.

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