Sources Claim Luann De Lesseps Had To Get A Ride Home With A Friend - Too Many Drinks To Get An Uber

Sources Claim Luann De Lesseps Had To Get A Ride Home With A Friend - Too Many Drinks To Get An Uber
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This past week, Luann de Lesseps, the Real Housewives of New York City star, announced she was going to start "drinking responsibly," following her probationary period, which barred her from drinking any alcohol at all.

Last Saturday, an insider who spoke with Page Six claims they saw Luann leaving Lulu in Sag Harbor after enjoying dinner with a friend - a dinner that looked "boozy." The source stated the other woman and Luann were so "responsible" that they weren't sober enough to get an Uber.

Instead, they had to get her neighbor to drive them home. Luann later said to the New York Post's Page Six that she and her friend were going to get an Uber, but they discovered it would've taken at least 18 minutes to arrive, so instead, they took an alternative way home.

Luann said to the outlet that her neighbor was finishing her food too, so instead of taking an Uber, it only seemed logical to take a ride home with her. As it was previously reported, Luann finished her probation back in August 2019, related to her 2017 incident in which she fought with the police while intoxicated.

During a conversation last week with reporters from People magazine, the reality star shared that she learned a lot about herself during the last few years. These days, she's doing a lot better, and feels like she's finally "back in the driver's seat."

On the 3rd of January, Suzy Kerr reported that Luann actually leaked her own drinking story to the media to avoid media scrutiny.

Luann was arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct back in 2017 while at a Palm Beach, Florida hotel.

After the incident that cost her dearly, Luann went to a rehabilitation facility and had to go back again a few months later. De Lesseps negotiated a plea deal so she didn't have to serve any time behind bars, and also was barred from consuming drugs or alcohol in the meantime.

In later interviews, Luann stated she was going through a very rough time following her last divorce. The drunken incident went down right as she struggled with her heartbroken feelings.

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