Dave Chappelle Reveals He's In The 'Yang Gang' - He Supports Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang

Dave Chappelle Reveals He's In The 'Yang Gang' - He Supports Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang
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On Tuesday, the stand-up comedian, Dave Chappelle, announced his endorsement for the presidential candidate, Andrew Yang, stating emphatically that he was part of the "Yang Gang." Chappelle also revealed he would put on two stand-up shows in support of the former corporate lawyer.

According to multiple reports, the shows will go down on the 29th and 30th in South Carolina, which is also the first southern state to start primaries. "You are the best," Andrew Yang began in a tweet, "let's do this for our kids," the candidate stated in response to Chappelle's tweet.

Last month, in Los Angeles, Donald Glover also announced he would support Andrew Yang and even held a pop-up store for the Yang campaign in Los Angeles last month. Reportedly, Donald and his team sold merchandise, designed by them as well, and sold signed sweatshirts for $1000 apiece.

Reportedly, they set the cost of the sweat-shirt in relation to Andrew Yang's promise to introduce universal basic income, which he has stated would be $1000 per month for every American. Later on, Glober joined Yang's team as a creative consultant.

Last year, Elon Musk, the Tesla and Space X founder also stated he would be supporting Yang as well. Furthermore, Yang claims that other celebrities such as Noah Centineo, Nicolas Cage, Rivers Cuomo, and Jack Dorsey have endorsed him too.

As most know, Andrew Yang's run for the presidential nomination has been criticized by some as being overly idealistic, with critics arguing that paying each American citizen $1000 per month is absurd and unrealistic. Regardless of his political disposition and promises, Yang has found himself in the headlines repeatedly over the last few years.

Following Shane Gillis' firing on Saturday Night Live for jokingly using an Asian slur on a podcast, Andrew Yang came out on his Twitter to state that he thought Shane shouldn't have lost his job . However, Yang urged humans to be more understanding of each other, rather than quick to condemn and persecute.

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