Shannon Beador Is Done For Good With Kelly Dodd - Says She 'Went Too Low!'

Shannon Beador Is Done For Good With Kelly Dodd - Says She 'Went Too Low!'
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While on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Shannon Beador explained why she and Kelly Dodd are over for good! It seems like Dodd went ‘too low’ which is why Shannon decided they were done officially.

In the last few years, the two co-stars have definitely had their ups and downs but this time around, it sounds like their fallout might just be permanent.

Kelly supposedly did something that Shannon described as the last straw and now, there is drama between them, perhaps more than ever!

In season 13, things between them were going great but that is obviously no longer the case.

While on WWHL alongside actor Harry Hamlin, Shannon responded to a fan question that sounded like: ‘Why are you unforgiving of Kelly when you forgave both Tamra and Vicki for accusations and rumors that they have made about you in the past?’

That is when Shannon explained: ‘I will tell you that the hit on the head, that was over within two hours. We were fine. That is not why I don’t have a relationship with Kelly.’

She was, of course, referring to the fact that Kelly jokingly hit her with a mallet while on a spiritual retreat.

Shannon then discussed the fact that Kelly reached out to Jim Bellino during his defamation lawsuit against her and Tamra.

‘I brought her into my inner circle and had a lot of heartfelt, tear felt conversations about a lawsuit that hit me. And she went to the other side and offered help. You don’t go any lower than Kelly Dodd. It’s so financially devastating, she cried with me on the phone yet then she showed me the proof of her conversation offering to help the other side. So that’s… this is real life stuff that is going on here and she just… she went too low,’ Shannon stated.


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