Farrah Abraham Says She Blocked Jenelle Evans On Social Media - Here's Why!

Farrah Abraham Says She Blocked Jenelle Evans On Social Media - Here's Why!
Credit: Source: famesyn.com

During a new interview, Farrah Abraham revealed the reason why she decided to block her former Teen Mom co-star on social media and her explanation might surprise you! This comes amid Jenelle’s divorce from David Eason and it turns out that Farrah blocking Jenelle has to do with that as well!

Fans of Teen Mom know all about the drama between Jenelle and her estranged husband that has actually been going on even long before she finally separated from him.

As for Farrah, she’s always been opinionated when it comes to their relationship and while this might have been an opportunity to rekindle their friendship, since quite a lot of reality TV stars were not talking to Jenelle because of David, she blocked the other woman instead!

Now, while chatting with HollywoodLife, Farrah stated: ‘I’m really happy for whatever choice the women take in bettering their family dynamics.’

When asked if she’s in contact with Jenelle now, Farrah revealed that ‘I actually blocked her because I'm just not wanting to insert myself into someone’s relationship. That's not my place. I think to confide in a therapist or in a third party away from TV. I think that's healthier for someone getting out of a relationship as I know intricacies of TV in her relationship and I didn’t think I'd be the best person to confide in. So I kind of removed myself. I think that is probably the best friend thing I could do there.’

Farrah was also asked if she thought Jenelle made the right decision to leave her husband.

She admitted that she had mixed feelings since she can only judge by what she sees and hears.

However, she went on to stress that ‘if someone is being abused, I want to say that all women need to be smart enough and focus on themselves and their children.’

When it comes to the ladies’ relationship, Farrah said she wants to chat again with Jenelle and that she thinks highly of her while praising her for making better decisions.


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