Scott Disick Under Fire After Daughter Penelope Makes Racist Gesture - See The Problematic Pic!

Scott Disick Under Fire After Daughter Penelope Makes Racist Gesture - See The Problematic Pic!
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Scott Disick was just having a nice dinner with Penelope and made sure to mark their father-daughter outing with a picture that he then shared on social media. However, the snap in question got Kourtney Kardashian’s ex under fire!

The Lord was accused of racism due to the fact that in the pic that was taken at an Asian restaurant, the six-year-old girl was pulling at her eyelids.

It is safe to say that online users were outraged by the kind of behavior the father has probably taught the child since at her age, she cannot be held accountable for such actions.

Not to mention that kids are not inherently discriminatory to other groups as hate is usually learned and socially determined.

‘Best first date of 2019!’ the dad captioned the pic, unaware of the storm coming his way.

People took to the comment section to slam Scott and Penelope writing things like: 'Why is Penelope being racist af?‘ / 'I was wondering the same thing as you. Everybody out here praising Scott and talking about his kid being cute which I mean she is but like???’ / ‘Better teach your kid not to make eye thing with chopsticks.’

There were some fans who proceeded to defend the man and his daughter by noting that the posing is not usually how Asian eyes are mocked but in response, someone else said:

‘I’m Asian thanks for noticing her behavior, and it feels like it was a setup to mock Asians regardless of how it was done. Nice moves A**clown chopstick Scott!’

People are seriously upset and it makes sense! What have the two parents been teaching their child?

Maybe it was just a kid making a funny face, but regardless of the intent, the photo was still taken in an Asian restaurant and maybe Scott should have reconsidered posting it.


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  • Sune
    Sune Jan 3, 2019 2:08 PM PST

    Get over it, she's a kid at an Asian restaurant. We've all done silly things as children. Heck they even had a couple kid songs that said Chinese! I'm Asian American and not the least bit offended.

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