Sailor Brinkley Cook Defends Herself After Getting Hate For Wearing Protective Gear That Doctors Really Need!

Sailor Brinkley Cook Defends Herself After Getting Hate For Wearing Protective Gear That Doctors Really Need!
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People were not too happy to see Sailor Brinkley-Cook wearing protective face gear amid the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic even though so many doctors need those much more than she does! However, as it turns out, there is a very good explanation for why she has it and why she’s been wearing it.

Sailor has been getting hate messages over this and it looks like she decided enough is enough!

The star explained her side of things while begging people to stop with the hate messages already.

Well, maybe after reading her very well argued defense they will realize their mistake and will not only stop but also apologize. No? Is it too much to expect from social media?

Only time will tell! For now, all Sailor could do was defend herself against people bashing her for wearing protective face gear amid the pandemic that has taken over the world.

Not only is she not harming anyone by having it but she also assured people that she’s done her part, donating daily and more!

Besides, if she wears the protective gear that also means protecting others in case she has COVID-19 and does not know!

Obviously, by wearing it she can avoid transmitting the virus to people more at risk than she is. So why are people complaining?

In her IG Story that followed paparazzi pics of her and her boyfriend wearing the masks during a supply trip, she wrote: ‘To everyone reaching out (really angrily) about having a mask.. My mom [Christie Brinkley] is an artist and she does projects which require her to wear it so she had a stash of them in her art studio. We did not buy them upon hearing about COVID-19. She kept one mask for each of our family members and donated the rest to local hospitals.’

Sailor went on: ‘She’s been continuing to work and find supplies to help keep the hospital workers safe. And she is also donating 30% of @bellissimaprosecco products towards protective equipment. I have one mask. My boyfriend also has one mask. And we're really grateful to have one and are donating daily to organizations that help make masks. We wear them so that god forbid if we have it and don’t know we do not just spread it to someone less able to fight it off.’

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