Kim Kardashian Reveals The Important Conversation She Had With Her Late Father About Law School

Kim Kardashian Reveals The Important Conversation She Had With Her Late Father About Law School
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According to Kim Kardashian, she had an important conversation with her late father, Robert, before he passed away. E! Online recently reported on a conversation between the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star and Vanity Fair in which the former revealed what her father once said to her about law school.

As fans of the reality star know, she's been busy studying law and hopes to be an attorney soon. Moreover, Kim has worked hard for the freedom of incarcerated individuals whom she deemed wrongly prosecuted and convicted.

According to Kim, she thinks her father would be thrilled that she's finally pursuing law. The reality star said to Vanity Fair reporters that, as a child, she loved scouring through her father's books and once talked to him about the idea of becoming a lawyer.

Rob told her he wasn't sure if she'd like it or not due to the amount of stress a lawyer is put under. At the time, she wanted to major in political science, but her father told her law school might not be for her, so she wound up choosing communications instead.

He once told her that she could always become a lawyer later in life if she wanted. According to E! Online, Kim just dropped a brand new documentary on Oxygen called Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project, which follows her journey to becoming a lawyer and her mission to "humanize" as many people as possible.

Kim said that one of the main reasons she chose to do the documentary is because she wanted to show her journey, and also wants to help humanize all of the people out there who need defense. The star said she wants people to "feel empathy."

Kim added that despite the stress she sometimes feels when studying and doing assignments, she takes comfort in knowing her father would approve of her in every way. The star claimed she knows her father is "pushing" her to succeed.

Famously, Robert Kardashian was one of the attornies who helped OJ Simpson supposedly get off on the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson.

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