Sailor Brinkley Cook Shares Inspirational Message About Imperfections And Self-Love!

Sailor Brinkley Cook Shares Inspirational Message About Imperfections And Self-Love!
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The 21 year old daughter of Christie Brinkley, Sailor Brinkley Cook took to social media to share a very important message about self-love and body dysmorphia! Here's what she had to say!

The model's life may look pretty close to perfect when watched from the outside by her followers but she wanted to make it very clear that's not the case!

So, Sailor got candid about the unrealistic expectations of online perfection.

'I'm so f***ing sick and tired of Photoshop. I have been so down on myself lately. Crying about all my cellulite, letting the fat on my body just ruin my day, getting mad I'm not as skinny as I once was. The body dysmorphia and overeating disorder tendencies have been coming in strong. As I come into myself as a woman my body shifts and changes every month, the 'control' I felt I once had over it has been stripped away from me,' she wrote.

She went on to stress that: 'I go on Instagram and scroll through pics of girls that look 'perfect'…shiny skin with no bump to be seen, tiny waist and thighs that look like chopsticks. And I compare myself, as if how somebody on an app on my phone looks should correlate to how I feel about my body?'

The model has been looking inwards a lot and after careful reflection she has managed to turn to a much healthier life which includes yummy food but also physical exercise and being grateful for what she has and what she is!

Sailor, therefore, mentioned how 'LUCKY' she is to simply have all her limbs and having a healthy body in general.

In other words, she stressed that she is sick and tired or being ashamed of her imperfections, aka all the things that make her, her!

Sailor then told her followers that she has cellulite and that her stomach is not always "pleasant' (whatever the f**k that means)' and yet, that makes her human!

'And I am proud as hell of my body! If you are out there hating yourself, stop!! Appreciate yourself. Your body is so magical. That's all. Have a nice day,' she concluded her body positive post.

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