Kim Kardashian Says Her Goal Is To 'Humanize' As Many People As She Can

Kim Kardashian Says Her Goal Is To 'Humanize' As Many People As She Can
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Kim Kardashian is slowly making moves into the legal world. This Sunday, Kim's brand new documentary, The Justice Project , comes out on the network, Oxygen, and it will highlight her journey into law.

Fans of Keeping Up With The Kardashians know that Kim has been studying for law school and is trying to help wrongly incarcerated individuals out of jail.

It's a project she has been working on in the last few years, moreover, she's done it successfully over a dozen times, along with the help of Brittany K Barnett and her legal organization. During a chat with Vanity Fair, Kim emphasized the importance of people having empathy for those who've struggled in life.

The star said the goal of her new documentary was easy to understand. She wants to "humanize as many people as possible." During a chat with Van Jones for Vanity Fair, the star noted she had been doing everything in her power to use her time for productivity, even if it meant sneaking away from her family occasionally.

According to the reality star, there is much for her to learn about the legal system, and she's been working closely with other highly professional individuals including Jessica Jackson. Jackson is her professor.

Admittedly, there have been some critics of what Kim Kardashian has been doing, with many on social media arguing that she isn't the person to decide whether someone was wrongfully convicted or not. With that said, she has shown discretion in terms of who'll she work with.

For instance, she initially refused to work with those who have committed violent crimes against other people. That has changed though, especially after meeting with convicts who did something horrible in their youth, but has since changed dramatically in their 30s and 40s.

Kardashian West stated that just because someone made a big mistake, it doesn't mean "they are that mistake." Kim has garnered critical acclaim especially for her help in releasing Alice Marie Johnson.

The reality star worked with President Donald Trump to get the job done, which some in the mainstream media didn't like.

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