Safaree Receives Backlash From Fans After Promoting This Product

Safaree Receives Backlash From Fans After Promoting This Product
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Safaree shared a photo of himself at home while he's promoting a certain water brand. But some of the fans threw shade at him for promoting this product.

Someone said: 'Nah they just add baking soda to raise the ph level. Its baking soda water 😑' and another follower seemed upset and noted this: 'That brand of water has bad ph level and is acidic. Youtube it. 🙏'

One other follower posted: 'This is the best water despite being up there in price,' and another commenter said: 'The best water on the market! Alkaline water, essential 💦!'

Other than this, Safaree made fans happy not too long ago when he announced them that he's about to drop his fitness routine and plan that got him looking and feeling great these days.

He also made sure to offer his gratitude for everything that he has today, and he made sure to remind haters who used to bash him of his success and amazing life.

The truth is that the man has everything that one could ever wish for - an amazing wife, Erica Mena , a baby girl, a gorgeous house that they recently bought, and more.

Speaking of Erica, she recently addressed her own haters.

Erica Mena  posted an important message targeting her haters. She explained that this is one of the reasons for which she’s not posting her daughter on social media.

‘I just so happened to have time today. Boy do I get bashed and dragged from everything to my body, my face and about my KIDS. I get bashed now for choosing to not post our daughter. HERE is why………. Under a beautiful photo of me and my son on our wedding day, this is what you will see. My very own Minority sisters are talking so disgusting about my son,' she began her post.

You should check out the complete message she wrote.

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