Erica Mena Addresses A Horrifying Issue Happening In South Africa That Almost No One Speaks About

Erica Mena Addresses A Horrifying Issue Happening In South Africa That Almost No One Speaks About
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Erica Mena dropped the beauty posts on her social media account to raise awareness about something horrible that is happening in South Africa. You can check out her post below and spread awareness yourselves.

'So many women and children in South Africa are being raped and killed daily! 💔 No one speaks of this. Not influencers, not the media, especially high profile people who are from south Africa. These women and children need help. Those who already lost their life need to be known. REMEMBERED 🙌🏿 THEY ALL MATTER! #ProtectOurWomen #ProtectOURChildern #SouthAfrica #Justice #SASHUTDOWN #WEREMEMBER' Erica captioned her post.

Someone said: 'The curse that we carry is in between our legs!! 💔😭'

A follower posted: 'Currently honoring them as we speak😢😢life is so unfair. Being a female is unfair. The body that gave us, today we find ourselves cursing it. Why when men see us, they forget they came from us, they were birthed and fed by us. Why when they see us, they see blood to death. I don't want to die with my hands up and legs spread apart. Being a female is getting up every day and walking out looking over your shoulder in fear of #AmINEXT!! it was never ok for it to be said #EnoughIsEnough today!!'

One other person wrote this: 'I agree, South Africa is rich in resources, So Why Is This happening. This is happening all over the world, even here in the U.S. What is wrong with these Men, why do they feel they can do whatever they what to women, and why are they keep getting away from getting punished. SMFH.'

People were really grateful to Erica after this post.

A fan said: 'Thanks for this Erica. Please keep praying for our country🇿🇦.'

One follower wrote: 'This the first post of someone famous I follow bringing awareness to this situation. South Africa is my neighboring country, but this has also been happening in Namibia, Africa and all over the world😭😭As a woman this is devastating.'

Erica has been living her best life, and fans still assume she is pregnant .

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