Erica Mena Has A Serious Message For Haters Who Bash Her Kids

Erica Mena Has A Serious Message For Haters Who Bash Her Kids
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Erica Mena posted an important message targeting her haters. She explained that this is one of the reasons for which she's not posting her daughter on social media.

'I just so happened to have time today. Boy do I get bashed and dragged from everything to my body, my face and about my KIDS. I get bashed now for choosing to not post our daughter. HERE is why.......... Under a beautiful photo of me and my son on our wedding day, this is what you will see. My very own Minority sisters are talking so disgusting about my son. A beautiful tall, hazel eyes and red hair young man. Extremely SMART might I add. My son is extremely shy but VERY outspoken and Very Well Spoken,[' Erica began.

She continued and said: 'Whats excites the average 13-year-old doesn’t impress my baby one bit. He in fact is super woke and listens to Beethoven not NBA YoungBoy. Now I got tough skin. I been getting bashed about everything from the day I became a household name. But MY KIDS.!!! Swipe and take a look at how these women sit and write the most disgusting things about my innocent off of social media son. Making up that something is wrong with him. Even stating some disgusting things about his appearance. This is why I don’t post my kids. Call it whatever y’all want but my KIDS I will kill for. Y’all be in these comments tearing people apart. And kids aren’t safe either.'

Erica also noted that 'It’s the very women I want to see win that will be online going on about my children. Knowing NOTHING about them because I keep them to myself!!! I’m sick of all you miserable souls on here. Most importantly I’m sick of you speaking on my kids. Down to the one y’all will NEVER see. It’s so sad because it legit be the Minority women most of the time who attacked me and my children. Stop inquiring why I won’t show my children or why I never post them. I will kill for them. And no one is safe when it comes to them. These women disgust me. Take a look at what pathetic really looks like.'

A lot of fans and friends hopped in the comments to support Erica and all mothers out there.

Someone said: 'This is exactly why I don’t post my daughter. She’s older but women are bashing her like she knows them personally. Old men my age were asking if they could do things to her that are crazy! My daughter doesn’t want any social media attention. She doesn’t like me to post her and I totally see why? Our people this has got to stop! Thank you babe @iamerica_mena for having the courage and the heart ❤️ Love you ❤️'

A follower said: 'These children are as beautiful as their mother! Inside and out. ❤️'

Someone else posted this: 'So sad, it women could only uplift and support each other rather than constantly putting each other down we would be unstoppable.'

A commenter said: 'Internet thugs are so disgusting and so miserable. It’s sick. The majority of the time it’s our own people trying to tear us down smh. Stay up Mena.'

Someone else said: 'Glad you put them on blast. Turn comments off when you post your Family. You owe nothing to anybody!'


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