RHOBH Dorit Kemsley Slams 'Mean Girl' Kyle Richards For Her Part In Puppygate

RHOBH Dorit Kemsley Slams 'Mean Girl' Kyle Richards For Her Part In Puppygate
Credit: Source: Bravo

Dorit Kemsley is taking aim at Kyle Richards as her drama with Lisa Vanderpump heats up. Taking to her blog, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star slammed Richards for keeping the puppygate scandal alive and well during the recent cast trip to The Bahamas.

The drama began when Kemsley adopted a dog from Vanderpump’s pet rescue. After the pooch acted aggressive towards her husband, Kemsley found it another home with a trusted friend. That family also could not curb the dog’s bad behavior and dropped it off at a shelter.

Vanderpump caught wind of what happened because the dog had been microchipped, which sparked tension between the co-stars.

While Kemsley had a perfectly good excuse for what happened, she was angry at some of the ladies for talking about the situation behind closed doors. According to OK Magazine , Kemsley felt like Richards was the one who started the gossip, which is why she called her out in her blog post.

“Watching it back felt like two mean girls gossiping about me under my nose,” Kemsley wrote, referring to Richards’ conversation with Teddi Mellencamp.

Kemsley also bashed Richards for talking with Vanderpump about the puppy scandal later in the episode. The RHOBH star thoughts that Richards was digging for more information about what happened, which she could later use to keep the scandal going.

While Vanderpump has taken a lot of heat about the puppy scandal , the executive director of her pet rescue, Dr. John Sessa, claims that Kemsley has adopted more than one pet from Vanderpump Dogs.

In a shocking confession, Sessa says that Kemsley adopted a young yorkshire terrier in the past and also returned the dog because it was biting her family members.

Sessa also believes that Dorit Kemsley did not do the right thing by finding the second dog she adopted another home. Instead, the Vanderpump Dogs director believes she should have returned the pooch to his shelter to avoid any confusion.

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