Ray J And Princess Love Norwood Are Both Being Slammed For Their Latest Feud That Is Being Aired On Social Media

Ray J And Princess Love Norwood Are Both Being Slammed For Their Latest Feud That Is Being Aired On Social Media
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Princess Love Norwood is angry at her husband, Ray J, and she is not worried about broadcasting her family drama on social media.

It all started with Ray J sharing a perfect family portrait that featured himself, his wife, and their daughter, Melody Norwood, at the BET Soul Train Awards.

Princess Love bashed her spouse by writing: “Left me and Melody stranded in Vegas and blocked me from calling. now you wanna post family photos 😂, #byeugly.”

She later shared a longer post explaining how she was left stranded in Las Vegas while nine months pregnant.

Many fans called out Ray J for his behavior and slammed Princess Love for staying married to him no matter what he does to her.

One person said: "How was she stranded when shes rich, and yes, airing out your marital problem online is overreacting."

Another commenter claimed: "Welp she married him soooooo 🤷🏻‍♀️ she knew what she was dealing with before they were married. Did she think that would change?"

This follower shared: "Right, she probably didn’t want him to go ain’t nobody damn stranded he told yo ass he had to go perform and u acting like that."

A fourth observer stated: "Left her and the baby stranded?? I think she’s exaggerating, and those pregnancy hormones are something else. 😩😩😂😂"

Things have been shady around Ray J, and it is not clear precisely what is going on, but recent reports seem to indicate that he is in a lot of trouble.

Ray J is now facing accusations of infidelity after reports came out indicating that he was caught cheating on Princess Love, and at an event surrounded by other people too.

More specifically, Ray J went over the top at the recent birthday party for Drake and was seen getting handsy with another woman.

At some point, Ray J even reportedly pulled out his phone and gave it to the other woman, which many saw as a sure sign that he had managed to get her number.

Whether that is true or if the exchange went through slightly differently is hard to tell, but many people have been very suspicious of Ray J following these reports.

As expected, Ray J himself has been trying to maintain his distance from the situation and has not offered any comments on what is going on so far.

However, many of his followers seem to have taken this as an indication that he is indeed guilty, and his silence is likely doing more harm than good at this point.

And even though some have tried to point this out to Ray J, he is not very interested in following this advice at the moment.

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  • lkofie
    lkofie Nov 20, 2019 11:13 PM PST

    Well the thing is, his mother didn't think Ray J was ready to get married (and maybe she meant ready to get married to Princess) and frankly, Princess doesn't help matters either with her immature, emotionally charged public rants and uncensored responses to interview questions...I mean WHEN does it end? Come to find out SHE IS 35 YEARS OLD for goodness sake and behaving like this? What hole in her soul isn't filled? What guidance does she lack in her personal circle? WHERE is her mother or mentor that could pose as a confidant? She is TOO old to be doing this at this point in the game, AND she has a child(ren). WHO told her this was the way to handle her woes and issues with her husband? Frankly, makes no difference to me if she stays or goes...it's HER decision. HOWEVER, if she's staying in the marriage, KEEP YOUR ISSUES WITH YOUR MAN OFF THE INTERNET. HOW would doing all of this move Ray J into seeing or understanding her side to things that a good, old-fashioned, intimate and civil communication and conversation can't be had between husband and wife? If anything, these types of rants would do nothing but drive people away and yes...can lead to avoiding the person delivering the messages, wife or not.

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