R. Kelly Is Being Bashed By His Ex-Girlfriend After His Secret Plan Is Exposed

R. Kelly Is Being Bashed By His Ex-Girlfriend After His Secret Plan Is Exposed
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A new scandal has reached the National Enquirer tabloid recently, as it was uncovered that the publication was planning to cooperate with disgraced R&B singer R. Kelly for the creation of a documentary film and even pay him a remarkable sum of money.

Many of the people, who believe that Kelly is guilty of the allegations of being am abuser of women, have expressed the opinion that it is immoral to give money to such a criminal.

Among the accusers was Kitti Jones, who worked previously as a radio DJ and was a former girlfriend of the singer, who stated that "It's screwed up" to give so much money to a man that ruined the lives of so many people that are now struggling financially.

Jones, who said she lived and fell in love with Kelly and later accused him of assaulting her, explained: "They're willing to give this man all of this money despite all of the lives he has damaged, while the women he has hurt have to pick up the pieces, rebuild their lives, and are struggling to pay their bills."

It was the former editor of the National Enquirer , Dylan Howard, who came up with the idea and its execution to make an agreement with Kelly, who is now behind bars because of his charges.

The plan reportedly involved the usage of a shell company to tunnel the means to the singer, who, in turn, would play his part in a new documentary series with Howard acting as a producer.

The purpose of this complicated scheming and hiding was to cover for the fact that the tabloid empire was involved with an alleged sex offender as no network would admit doing it openly.

The reputation of the R&B performer suffered a serious blow earlier when multiple young women accused him of sexual misconduct and mental abuse that went on in the course of nearly twenty years.

One person said this: "It's the National Enquirer . Are we expecting ethical? Are we shocked and surprised? "

Another commenter shared: "We don't need to hear what he has to say. He has done enough damage in one lifetime. He doesn't deserve the platform."

This social media user wrote: "What is it about men that makes them that want to reward the predators for their stories instead of focusing on the stories of the female victims? It's obscene .... enough!!! #enough #respectwomen."

Kelly still has loyal fans rooting for him.

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