Prince Charles Tests Positive For Coronavirus As Prince Harry Is Holed Up In Vancouver With Meghan Markle

Prince Charles Tests Positive For Coronavirus As Prince Harry Is Holed Up In Vancouver With Meghan Markle
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Prince Charles tested positive for the Coronavirus and is currently undergoing self-isolation with his wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall. Fortunately for the 71-year-old prince, he is only experiencing mild symptoms. Unfortunately, most people who develop severe symptoms start off with a mild case. Coronavirus or Covid-19's trajectory has been to become sick and then on day six of the illness, that often includes a dry cough, fever, aches, and a runny nose, either get better or have severe difficulty breathing. Anyone who thinks they may have the flu or tests positive for coronavirus are advised to quarantine themselves, stay away from family members, and contact their health department or physician if experiencing severe shortness of breath. Because people can be contagious up to two weeks before showing symptoms, it is possible that Prince Charles spread the deadly disease to others.

The news of Prince Charles testing positive for Coronavirus comes as sources report that Prince Harry was anxious about moving to Vancouver with Meghan Markle and feared to leave his grandmother and grandfather, and father behind.

Prince Harry has been holed up with Meghan Markle and their 10-month-old son, Archie in Vancouver.

The news comes after fans were blaming Meghan Markle for moving Prince Harry to Canada. Prince Harry has suffered from depression and many of his fans were concerned that he is self-isolating himself too far away from his family —including his older brother Prince William.

Meghan Markle is reportedly overjoyed to be out of the royal family and to have Prince Harry all to herself in their Vancouver home, where it is just the three of them living their life on their terms.

Still, many say that the threat of Coronavirus ravaging through Prince Harry's extended family members while he is so far away is simply too much for the 35-year-old new father.

At this point, it doesn't appear that anyone in the royal family is suffering greatly from the Coronavirus and both Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have been in isolation.

What do you think about those who think Meghan Markle forced Prince Harry to leave his home and his family and that he is regretting the decision now that his father has Coronavirus?


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