Porsha Williams Hints At Being Back Together With Dennis McKinley

Porsha Williams Hints At Being Back Together With Dennis McKinley
Credit: BET

Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley's fans who have been rooting for them during the difficult time that they're having are in awe. They believe that Kenya's latest photo hints at a gift that she might have received from Dennis.

She showed her fans a photo with some gorgeous flowers, and people are convinced that Dennis sent these to his baby mama.

Check out the photo that Porsha shared on her IG:

Someone said, 'Dennis is making every effort to get out of the dog house!'

One follower told Porsha: 'They’re beautiful Porsha. I wish I had someone to buy me flowers. Maybe I’ll just buy myself some.'

Someone else said: 'pretty flowers! Make him continue to shower you each and EVERY HOUR! Porsha 4 real tho. ⭐😘😇'

A fan wrote: 'That Leo, those flowers, that vibe whew impossible for a girl like me to resist. I know I’m not alone thinking this...right?'

One follower, on the other hand, is not that happy about this: 'Flowers from a LIAR are a LIE to get you back. Dennis needs to earn your trust without buying you things but by his actions.'

Somoene else said, 'Hope Dennis can earn your Trust again. Having a LIAR as a father os not an environment to bring up a child in. The child will learn from the father, and think lying is ok.'

Another follower wrote: 'Your friends are with their men no matter what, but they are trying to separate you for good because they are jealous that yours and Dennis genes match and you’re gonna make plenty of beautiful babies like PJ. Be a wise girl! They buy everything for their men, but they are trying to make Dennis a bad guy because he did this he did that. What about their own men? It’s just that they keep everything secret. We know its not all good. Give Dennis a second chance.'

Do you think Porsha is considering taking Dennis back?


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  • Mildred Swinson
    Mildred Swinson Jul 18, 2019 12:01 PM PDT

    she probably should take him back, does anyone else want him???

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