Ciara Has Sweet Dance Competition With Her Children, Future And Sienna -- Should Russell Wilson Put Out His Own Video?

Ciara Has Sweet Dance Competition With Her Children, Future And Sienna -- Should Russell Wilson Put Out His Own Video?
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It is Ciara versus her two children in an epic dance battle, and it is hard to pick a winner when there is so much talent going up against all that cuteness.

The diva and her husband, Russell Wilson, are currently on vacation on a tropical island with their two children, Sienna and Future.

While the family is enjoying a lot of downtime, relaxing, and having fun on the beach; they are also having the time of their lives dancing around.

Ciara showed off some sexy moves on the adult version of "Baby Shark."

Sienna had the opportunity to dance and laugh poolside while Future had a blast celebrating after losing a tooth.

Some critics are going after Ciara for oversharing, and her fans are supporting her.

One person said: "When the kids finally asleep and mommy shark can play. 😍😍❤️😂All of you know damn well she can out dance majority of you so don’t even start 😩😅She having a real Girl Summer! Got a successful husband, kids flourishin’, traveling the world, and being carefree. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾"

Another backer stated: "Ayesha dance off beat, y'all mad. Ciara dances on the beat, y'all mad. Y'all are just mad and jealous of these two women for no reason. I understand y'all lives may be lacking, but trying to tear them down won't bring you prosperity. They will still be blessed, and you will still be miserable. Food for thought.y’all have no sense of humor; clearly, sis was just having fun..dodon't take it so seriously. 🙄"

This follower claimed: "Everyone talking negative either a hater or just miserable... She on vacation enjoying it to the fullest and y'all upset 🤔..n mostly everyone that has sumthing negative to say is black. Why y’all so mad 😩 she living her best life by the ocean and y’all sitting at the trap 😒That’s sad women can’t even have a natural bulge without being pregnant...#itbeourownpeople"
A fourth fan stated: "She posted this on her repeat HER INSTAGRAM having fun/ happy on vacation... how the hell is she faking or seeking attention... some people just want something bad to say she is enjoying life THAT'S IT go girl."

Who won the dance competition, Ciara or her kids? Ciara's happiness is visible.

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