Porsha Williams Shares Her 'Simple Meditation Technique' With Fans

Porsha Williams Shares Her 'Simple Meditation Technique' With Fans
Credit: BET

Porsha Williams seems to have decided that it's time to move on following all the drama caused by the cheating speculations that have been flowing around her baby daddy, Dennis McKinley.

She hasn't said anything too clear so far, and fans have been trying to read the signs of her IG posts and they keep guessing what and how she's doing based on her posts.

Here's her latest post which fans assume means that she is trying to move on from all the drama and rebuild her life.

Someone commented: 'This is exactly what keeps me from cussing 🤬🤬 ALOT of people out.'

Another follower said: 'All this time I thought I wasn’t meditating 🤷🏾‍♀️ look at my Porsha shedding light on me. At this point imma a guru.'

One fan wrote: 'I double up on positive thoughts & positive things to do to counteract the negativity. Works for me 💯💯'

A commenter wrote: '@porsha4real Girl THIS IS HILARIOUS 🤣😂 day made and it’s only 9 A.M.....btw, your beautiful baby has the BEST “cheeks” ever!! When I see her lil face I just wanna kiss then cheeks 🥰 have a day as BEAUTIFUL AS YOU kiddo ✌️❤️'

Also, just the other day, Porsha posted something on her social media account that has fans believing that this is her way of updating them on her current situation.

She was basically saying that she is rediscovering herself, and healing .


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