Tamar Braxton Poses With David Adefeso And True Fans Defend Her From All The Haters

Tamar Braxton Poses With David Adefeso And True Fans Defend Her From All The Haters
Credit: BET

Tamar Braxton could not be happier than she is right now since she met David Adefeso. He's already made sure to prove how much he loves her and he also shared amazing words about her in public as well.

If some fans believed that he's not that much into her, over time they became convinced that he loves her deeply and also that he respects her a great deal.

Tamar shared a photo with David on her IG and haters quickly attacked her saying that he's not that good lucking and more.

Her diehard fans, on the other hand, defended her relationship with Yemi.

A hater said, 'I can’t believe she was hiding him like he was so damn fine 🤦🏽‍♀️'

Another person wrote: 'She’s trying to convince everybody including Vince that she’s happy! She’s trying too hard and that’s how you know it’s just for the cameras. Yes I said it!'

Another follower defended Tamar's relationship and said: 'When a man treats you the way you deserve he becomes the finest, most attractive man in the world to you.. she said what she said! Periodt.'

Someone else wrote: 'You know what? He may not be the most gorgeous man in the world to everybody, but everything about his energy on #BFV was positive, and Tamar deserves that kind of good love and energy. So yes, he is FINE because he treats her the way she should’ve been getting treated all along.'

One other fan said, 'Enough with the negative comments! He may not be handsome to y’all but he’s everything to her! And that’s all that matters. ❤️😍'

Do you think that Matar is truly happy with David?

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