Peter Weber Gets Real About Hannah Brown Reunion

Peter Weber Gets Real About Hannah Brown Reunion
Credit: Source: ABC

Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor premieres on Monday. Viewers are not interested in the new contestants until they get to the bottom of why his ex-girlfriend appeared on the previews.

Peter was a frontrunner on Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette. The two infamously did it multiple times in a windmill.

In the end, she ended up picking another guy who lied about having a girlfriend . This left Brown a single woman as she was when she started her venture.

Weber recently spoke to People Magazine where he talked about his feelings when he wasn't picked to be Hannah's fiance.

'I think everyone saw was caught off-guard, definitely blindsided. I was really invested in that relationship with Hannah and definitely saw it going further than it ended up going. But at the end of the day, she made her decision. She followed her heart and I had to come to peace with that and be OK with that.'

Although he openly admitted that he was still in love with the Dancing with the Stars champ months after filming, he now sees it as a learning experience.

'I definitely learned a lot about myself. I grew a lot and I definitely became stronger. So I don’t regret that at all and I’m grateful for that relationship and for what it did for me in my life at that point.'

Hannah and Peter will talk sometime this season.

'Even though it didn’t work out with us on The Bachelorette, obviously that relationship still meant a lot to us. All of the emotions resurfaced. They’re just real emotions that come out between two people that at one point cared about each other a lot.'

However, host Chris Harrison already spilled the beans. No, Hannah won't be competing for his heart this time around but instead -- the two found closure.


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