The Bachelorette: Hannah Brown Wants A Second Chance With Tyler Cameron After Jed Wyatt Engagement Disaster

The Bachelorette: Hannah Brown Wants A Second Chance With Tyler Cameron After Jed Wyatt Engagement Disaster
Credit: Source ABC via YouTube

Hannah Brown sent Tyler Cameron packing in the season finale of The Bachelorette so she could accept Jed Wyatt's proposal.

As fans know that did not work out too well for her. Although the proposal and filming happened months ago, as it played out on ABC, the true Jed was revealed in the media. Everyone knows the story by now, including Hannah who admitted at the After The Finale Rose she ditched the lying, cheating singer.

Now that her relationship with Jed is kaput , Hannah revealed she was grieving her relationship with Tyler. It was clear to any Bachelor Nation fan that she was making a mistake by not choosing the model. He is by far the kindest, sweetest guy ever. Lucky for Hannah, Tyler still has a thing for her despite being dumped mid proposal.

"Our relationship was real to me and special. Everything I said, I meant, and I felt. It didn't just go away, I still have feelings," Hannah admitted to Tyler on After The Finale Rose , following his admission he was asking her to marry him in Greece the day she ditched him.

There is still a deep connection between the two, and Hannah clearly knows she gave up a good man for a dirtbag. She made the bold move of asking Tyler out on live television.

"You're an incredible guy, and I'm a single girl... I was thinking maybe we could go for a drink," she asked her runner up.

"I would love to, just tell me when. I'm there," Tyler responded.

The 25-year-old Florida native apparently does not have any qualms about being her second choice. Tyler has strong feelings for Hannah but are they strong enough for him to put the past behind them? It looks like they just might be. He agreed to go on a date with her, so maybe he is able to forget she chose the singer over him.

Hannah Brown has regrets about letting Tyler Cameron go for Jed Wyatt. The question is, does she genuinely want to try again with Tyler, or is she still reeling from her failed engagement with Jed? Is Tyler merely her rebound guy or is he the one that got away?

The Bachelorette is over for the season, but Hannah is not done looking for love. Tyler agreed to go on a date with her. Bachelor Nation fans stay tuned. She might get her fairytale ending after all.



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