Even Though Peter Weber And Kelley Flanagan Broke Up Over A Year Ago, They Have Decided To Try Again

Even Though Peter Weber And Kelley Flanagan Broke Up Over A Year Ago, They Have Decided To Try Again
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Us Weekly reports that former Bachelor stars Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan are officially back together. Weber and Flanagan previously starred on the show. The two people reportedly got back together over the summer and have been spending a lot of time together since, according to a source who spoke with the publication on Monday.

According to the source, the on-again pair has been spending much quality time together and enjoying themselves tremendously. Page Six's request for clarification was not immediately met with a response from representatives of Flanagan and Weber.

When the two were seen together cheering on the Chicago Cubs at a baseball game in Flanagan's home state of Illinois, romance rumors began circulating a month ago. Flanagan is from Illinois.

However, neither of them mentioned the other on their social media accounts. Even though they had met before filming The Bachelor, the attorney vied with Weber for her affections on Season 24 of the show. Sadly, she had to return home before the pilot could meet her family for the first time.

After Weber had proposed to Hannah Ann Sluss at the show's end, the couple broke up not long after the proposal. After a brief lull in their relationship, Flanagan and Weber got back together in April of 2020, but they called it quits on New Year's Eve, shortly before they were scheduled to start living together.

Weber's caption to the now-deleted Instagram photo read, "Love is a funny thing." It can make you feel on top of the world, but it can also make you experience an agony you wish didn't exist. So I'm sorry to inform you, but Kelley and I have concluded that we should move in different directions.

He went on to clarify that even though their romantic relationship was unsuccessful at the time, he would never stop loving the attorney.

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