Lala Kent Talks About Going To An AA Meeting Before Randall Emmett Attends Golden Globes

Lala Kent Talks About Going To An AA Meeting Before Randall Emmett Attends Golden Globes
Credit: Source: Bravo

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent is transparent as can be about her struggle with sobriety. On Sunday, while her fiance was readying himself to attend the Golden Globes she hit up an AA meeting.

Lala realized that she was heavily depending on alcohol when her father suddenly passed away. She decided that she would become sober and started attending meetings and found a sponsor.

The reality star shared an Instagram Story that has already expired stating: 'Today is a very important and special day for my dude and everybody who was a part of The Irishman. It's the Golden Globes and I's so, so excited for him and everybody else; however, I've been on edge lately. I feel like I've just been, like, angst so I'm going to hit a meeting before I take on the rest of my day.'

This comes after Kent celebrated one year of sobriety in October where she was honest with followers again.

She shared a photo of herself on Instagram alongside a caption that read: 'Today, I am 1 year sober. This is the biggest accomplishment I’ve ever had in my life and the one I am most proud of. The moments I have had in the past year have been a blessing that I have been present for. I didn’t have that before. Today, I will celebrate my 1 year birthday because it’s exciting. It is also humbling. Because today, and every day after that, I will fight for it. But I wont give it up for anything.'

Meanwhile, Randall was later seen dressed to the nines to find out if The Irishman will sweep award season starting with the Globes like it has been predicted to.

Emmett has also joined the cast of Vanderpump Rules' new season that premieres this Tuesday.

It's great to see Lala is willing to be vulnerable and brave enough to share so much because she never knows how many people that follow her may be going through something similar.


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