Ozzy Osbourne's Health Is Fine Kelly Osbourne Claims

Ozzy Osbourne's Health Is Fine Kelly Osbourne Claims
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For months, Ozzy Osbourne's health condition has been on the minds of many of his fans, however, a new report from the New York Post revealed that Ozzy is doing just fine. According to the outlet, Kelly Osbourne, Ozzy's 35-year-old daughter, took to her social media to say her father was doing just fine.

Kelly said in her post that she kicked off her New Year in the best way, hanging out and having lunch with her family, spending the day laughing, only to come home and see "sickening articles" about Ozzy's supposed deteriorating condition.

According to Kelly, the reports claiming Osbourne was near his death were erroneous. On Wednesday, a video of Sharon and Ozzy featured the pair filling up his Rolls Royce at a gas station, with Sharon mentioning the release of his new record.

Additionally, the 34-year-old, Jack, shared a picture of the family looking very happy together. In her IG Story, Kelly slammed the media, stating they made her "sick" sometimes. Osbourne went on to say on her Instagram that her father had a rough year, but the reports were "bullsh*t."

The New York Post claims several publications reported the Prince of Darkness as being near death, spending his days in "agonizing pain" and slowly going crazy. In 2018, Ozzy admitted he was having health troubles after he fell earlier that year and began to experience back pain.

Additionally, the rocker suffered from pneumonia in 2018 and was subsequently taken to the hospital. Previously, Ozzy has, however, canceled a few of his concerts, including ones scheduled for Europe in 2020.

During a conversation with The Daily Mail, Osbourne stated his back troubles were quite problematic. The star admitted he went to the bathroom the previous night, lost balance, and then fell flat on his back.

Despite the fact he was in the hospital for two months after he tumbled, he recovered perfectly fine. The performer believes he has a lot of years ahead of him yet.

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