Jessie J Trashes Media Publication Who Thought Her Recent Post Was About Channing Tatum

Jessie J Trashes Media Publication Who Thought Her Recent Post Was About Channing Tatum
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In recent news, Jessie J lost one of her personal friends and security guards to suicide, however, a few of her fans - and an online media outlet - misconstrued her words to think it was about her relationship with Channing Tatum, whom she recently broke up with.

Reported by E! Online, the outlet claimed Jessie uploaded an Instagram post in which she mourned the loss of her friend, Dave, who also happened to be her security guard. December of 2019 marked the1st year anniversary of his death.

In her post, the 31-year-old singer-songwriter honestly touched on all the people out there who feel alone, urging them to stick around, even if they feel like leaving the earth sometimes. "Talk to someone who can give you professional advice," the singer urged.

As it was noted above, many of her fans and media publications assumed it was about her romance with Channing Tatum, considering she never mentioned Dave's death in the original post. Although, several of her followers noted that it was, in fact, about Dave.

One IG user wrote that not everything she posts on social media is about Channing Tatum. As it was previously reported, Channing and Jessie broke up back in the middle of December, and a source stated they're still good friends and remain amicable.

The star also admitted she wasn't feeling so good around the holiday season, which fans again believed had to do with her split from Channing. Back in October of 2018, it was reported by Us Magazine that Channing and Jessie had started dating following his separation and subsequent divorce with the mother of his child, Jenna Dewan.

The outlet at the time claimed the 39-year-old and 31-year-old had been hanging out for a few months. For instance, sources spotted Channing at one of her concerts in Salt Lake City as well as in Seattle.

The dates in question included their mini-golf date at a course in Seattle, on the 6th of October, Saturday, 2018. He also went to her show on Salt Lake City on the 8th of October, Monday.

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