Kelly Osbourne Addresses The Rumors That Family Reality Show ‘The Osbournes’ Could Be Making A Return!

Kelly Osbourne revealed whether or not her family's reality TV show, appropriately titled 'The […]

Posted on May 8, 2021 9:59 PM PDT

Kelly Osbourne Says She Gets Clothes From The Kids' Section These Days After Massive Weight Loss!

After dropping no less than 90 pounds, Kelly Osbourne feels like a whole new […]

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Kelly Osbourne Says She And Sister Aimee Are Not On Speaking Terms - Here's Why!

While on Dax Shepard's 'Armchair Expert' podcast, Kelly Osbourne opened up about her relationship […]

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Sharon Osbourne Says She Is Really ‘Proud’ Of Daughter Kelly After She Dropped 85 Pounds - Here's Why!

Sharon Osbourne's daughter, Kelly has managed to drop no less than 85 pounds and […]

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Kelly Osbourne Is Sick And On Oxygen And It Isn't Due To COVID

Kelly Osbourne is very sick and she's been on oxygen but it isn't […]

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Kelly Osbourne Says The Guys Who Were Mean To Her Before Her Weight Loss Have No Chance

Kelly Osbourne recently dropped 85 pounds and she couldn't be any happier about her […]

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Sharon Osbourne Gushes Over Her Daughter's 'Unbelievable' 85-Pound Weight Loss!

Sharon Osbourne is very proud of her daughter, Kelly for losing so much weight. […]

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Kelly Osbourne Says She Got Gastric Sleeve Surgery Before Losing 85 Pounds!

As you might know, Kelly Osbourne has dropped no less than 85 pounds, something […]

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Will Fans Accuse Kelly Osbourne Of Fat-Shaming With Her New Slimmed Down Look Like Some Did To Adele?

Kelly Osbourne has channeled her inner Adele. Page Six picked up on an Instagram […]

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Kelly Osbourne Compares Herself To Pippi Longstocking In New Photos Of The Slimmed-Down Beauty

Kelly Osbourne is comparing herself to Pippi Longstocking in new photos that she shared […]

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